Except he was talking about Antifa.

This bullshit is supposed to make Trump look bad but he was talking about the people attacking the Portland Courthouse.

I said he should have done that from the beginning and it’s clear he wanted to.

Image how much more peaceful the last year would have been had the Federal Boot actually come down on the violent assholes that deserved it.

Fuck me, Trump was right about everything and it was the rest of the government that fucked us over by holding him back.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Trump was always right”
  1. He’s going to spend the next 10 yrs living in their heads. They can’t admit to themselves that PedoJoe was a mistake so they’ll continue to chant ‘orangemanbad’.

  2. Antifa and BLM on multiple events tried to kill or severely injure law enforcement and other innocent people. They tried to burn down a hi-rise condo building; they blocked fire and emergency multiple times; they threw explosive devices and tried to burn the eyes of law enforcement with lasers.

    Each of those instances should have been met with lethal force. They weren’t even met with law enforcement until Trump sent federal officers in — and then we were treated to how “horrible” it was that law breakers were being arrested.

    Can you imagine the firestorm the left would have launched had a “civil rights protestor” who managed to shatter a window at the federal court house been shot while trying to climb in?

  3. I wish he would have declared Minneapolis an insurrection and sent in the Army after Thursday Night.

    Maybe the rest of the cities would not have burnt the following Weekend.
    They did not need to burn. I blame Governor Walz (and his @ssh0le woke kid), the Boy Mayor Frey, and every other blue city mayor and blue state governor that allowed their cities to burn.

    They should have known it was going to happen after watching the first three nights of riot, arson, and looting in Minneapolis.

    But they certainly screwed Trump by screwing their own citizens.

  4. “Trump was right about everything…”

    Speaking as one who voted against Her Herness, I have slowly realized that, yup, Trump was.

    Indeed, were he as awful as Our Betters (should that have been an “I”, not an “e”?) would have us believe, why the need to make shit up?

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