Actual good news:

There are a lot of people who suspect that has Trump gotten a second term, Israel and Saudi Arabia would have signed a peace treaty.

It looks as though that might still happen.

The question is does Biden take credit for it or does he try and sabotage it?

I honestly suspect that Biden would rather sabotage it to spite Trump and please the Jew haters than have a victory he can steal credit for.  I hope he fails in that attempt.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Trump’s legacy in the Middle East continues”
  1. Given the track record of the State Department generally, and Blinken specifically, I would expect them to try to sabotage.

  2. China/Taliban Joe will do the will of his masters in Beijing, Kabul, and Tehran.

    The reason for the improving relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel is the fear that a nuclear Iran poses a threat to the entire Mid-East and that a “Unified” alliance of non-Shia states and a nuclear armed Israel might, just might put the fear of Allah into the Mullahs, especially if the U.S. is willing to back their play.

    With China/Taliban Joe doing his best to reintroduce Obama’s (Iran gets nukes) nuclear weapons agreement, along with billion$ of dollars paid to the Mullahs, he will attempt to sabotage any attempt to unify the mid-east. The irony is that the more he cozies up to Tehran, the more the Saudis, and other Arab states feel the need to work with Israel either formally or informally.

  3. Since the Democrats desire as many Israeli’s to die as possible I would say that Biden’s handlers will do whatever they can to cause outright war.

    While one has to remember that to the left and current democrat party the absolute worst thing you can be is a United States citizen, especially a white one, a very close second is a Jew living in Israel.

  4. Israel and the Sunni Arab states have a common goal. Stopping Shia Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. They all know a F. Joe Biden administration will not stop Iran from getting a bomb, and a Harris administration may well give Iran a bomb.

    Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia both know that a nuclear armed Islamic Republic of Iran hates them and will try to destroy them. Israel because they are Jews, and KSA because they are Sunni. It doesn’t help that about a third of KSA and the Gulf States are Shia and many look to Iran to put thise Shia in charge of the KSA.

    It is simple survival for Israel and KSA to work together. And yes Biden Harris will try to sabotage the peace in the Middle East.

  5. What better way to make Israel even more of a Parah State than to force them to use Nuclear Weapons to defend themselves, maybe pre-emptively against a Nuclear Atttack by Iran?

    1. Then again, a deep burrowing attack (conventional high explosive) against Iran’s enrichment factory would be a good technique. If done right it would blow the thing right open, figuratively as well as literally. Nothing like a few dozen pounds of uranium debris all over the area to slow down Iran’s ambitions.

  6. The Biden Administration will try to sabotage it. It’s the only option that checks all their boxes.

    Taking credit for a peace treaty would be good for the Left; it dismantles Trump’s legacy while increasing the Left’s reputation. This would be a win for Biden.


    Sabotaging the peace process equally dismantles Trump’s legacy, while ALSO endangering Israel and Israeli Jews, pleasing the Jew-haters, propping up the Left’s totalitarian comrades in the Middle East, and weakening a long-standing U.S. ally in the region.

    The score stands:
    Taking credit is a win for Biden.
    Sabotaging is a win-win-win-win-win for Biden.

    Ergo, sabotage.

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