Miguel already touched on the Left’s attempt to cancel Jason Aldean for his song.

The Left is calling it racist and all of terrible names.

Let me remind you what they have done to their cities:


Homeless crowding the streets, rampant shoplifting, car burglaries, violence, public drug use, those are the things small town people don’t want in their small town that happens in big Blue Cities.

Between that and the small town, I’m taking the small town.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Try that in a small town”
  1. It will be up to the citizens to reclaim their communities. Removing pro crime “officials “ from office and cleaning streets. It is up to We the People, blue areas have been conditioned to just accept it… another example of how F’in DUMB America has become. And I predict mr Aldeans song to sell out in less than a week….

  2. Read the lyrics for this song. Liberals “think” its “racism “… so the real racist is LIBERALS. Jason is talking about crime in the big cities so he must be talkin about blacks cause thats who commits crime in the big cities…. Aaaahhhhh fuk these liberal idiots.

  3. IL is removing ‘cash bail’ statewide in 2 months.

    Chicago replaced the completely incompetent Lightfoot (who won because she checked more identity boxes than her opponent) w/ a far left socialist. His plan is to massively increase the size of gov’t, raise taxes, and drive out businesses while coddling criminals.

    They’re all getting what they voted for.

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