So the LA Times published an opinion piece on how it’s too easy to get guns and only the military should have…. blah… blah… blah… usual bullshit, whatever.

At the top of the article was this hard hitting cartoon:

Gun Flag

David Horsey is a little late to the party when it comes to criticizing America by making our flag out of guns.

A left wing blog posted a similar cartoon after the Tuscon shooting.
Gun Flag 2


The horrible movie “The Purge: Anarchy” which was supposed to be anti-American and anti-conservative used a similar logo for its poster.

the purge

I guess these are supposed to scare me or something.  Make me fear for my life because my country is awash in guns.

Except, my country is already awash in guns.  There are more guns in America than people and guns are still flying off the shelves.  I live in one of the top ten most gun owning states in the Union.

Horsey’s gun flag doesn’t scare me.  I want one.  Not exactly like it with Glocks and AK’s.  I want one that is full American,  1911’s and alternating AR-15 and M1 Garands.  I would fly that un-ironically.  I would have that as a window sticker on my pickup.  I would embrace the heck out of it.

Why? Because Don’t Tread On Me and Come and Take It.  I already have those and I want a new one.

Just note the juxtaposition.  A flag made of guns, tools of freedom, is used by Liberals to try and scare and shame America.  And yet they would fly a flag with the president’s face on it, because obsequious kowtowing to a cult of personality is totally what a free people in a free country do.  That offends me a lot more than a flag made of guns.




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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Turning it around”
  1. “A left wing blog posted a similar cartoon after the Tuscon shooing.”

    A couple of typos here. Tuscon shooing.

  2. “The Purge” poster actually acknowledges Mao’s famous truism: “Political power emanates from the barrel of a gun.” This is what every anti-gun nut doesn’t want the masses to know or understand. The other two cartoons unwittingly acknowledge this as well; ironically while attempting (and failing) to convey another, opposing, message.

  3. I think it is ironic that they have done more for gun sales then any paid advertising could ever do.It has also helped the NRA grow in memberships also.

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