I did thus job before.

I worked as armed (although not with a long gun) security at a gas station liquor store.

Simply having one person there watching over the merchandise significantly reduced theft.

I completely support thus.

If anyone should be criticized for it, it’s the Philadelphia city government for turning thr city into the kind of shithole that forces businesses to hire guys with rifles to protect them.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Turning to good guys with guns when the police fail”
  1. Of cousre the “news media” has to put thier negativity on it like its a bad thing.. Im all for it too, especially in places run by anti American democrats… its what its going to take to bring back the America We the People love. First the criminals then the drug dealers…

  2. How will they do their job after pResident Burden bans AWBs?
    Having semi-auto guns is just sick! Sick!

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