I saw this on Twitchy.

The Tweet is real as far as I can tell.

Screen grabbed for posterity.

He thinks his Tweet says “I’m a tough guy.”

In really, his bat says “I watch too much The Walking Dead,” while he hair and jacket scream “I take it in the butt.”

What I guess is supposed to be a threat really seems more like a BDSM leather fetishist making a come-on.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Twitter Tough”
  1. “Maoist Rebel News”? I assume then that this guy is a supporter of the Chairman and the roughly 80 million deaths associated with his policies?

    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

  2. What an idiot. Wrap the barbed wire tight, or you’ll spend more time untangling it than swinging it. I bet his hands just could stand touching that wire long enough to do a proper job.

    Oh, yeah: Pol Pot would have had him shot just for wearing glasses.

    1. Looking at the girly little weak grip he has on it, he’d drop the bat and piss himself should he actually wind up face to face with the President.

  3. What it really says is “I would like the Secret Service to come visit me where I live, in the basement of my mother’s house. You can come any time, because it isn’t like I have a job or anything.”

  4. So that’s what happened to Ed Grimley after he moved back to the Peoples Democratik Republik of Canuckistan.

    All that’s missing is a Che button on the jacket and a soy latte with sprinkles on a table next to him.

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