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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stumps for Democrats in the Midwest

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is back on the campaign trail, but this time in the Midwest. The 28-year-old Democratic rising star is stumping for two young, progressive Democrats hoping to win Democratic primaries in Kansas and Michigan.

On Friday, she will travel to Wichita, Kansas to join Sen. Bernie Sanders in campaigning for James Thompson, a Democrat looking to flip a congressional seat once considered safely Republican. Then on July 28 and 29, she’ll visit Michigan to lend her national spotlight to Abdul El-Sayed, a 33-year-old, progressive candidate for governor. She will travel throughout Michigan, including stops in Grand Rapids, Flint and Detroit.

“Right now we are in a critically important juncture in our country,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a statement released by El-Sayed’s campaign.

Oh wow.

Seriously, wow.

At least Bernie Sanders is a Senator.  He won a couple of elections.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has only won a primary.  But she’s the rising star so they are going to get her out there.

She claims to have a degree in economics but she’s a socialist, and says shit like this:

Anybody with a degree in economics should understand how the government measures unemployment and labor force participation.  Then again her degree is in “economics and international relations” and didn’t know anything about Israel and Palestine either.

I’m not sure if she should ask for a refund from Boston University, if Boston University should distance themselves from her, or if this is a sign that Boston University has become a worthless diploma mill of Leftist indoctrination.

But I digress…

So Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are on their way to the Midwest to campaign.

I didn’t live in Kansas, but I did live in Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, and South Dakota.  So I’ve spent some time in agrarian Midwestern states.

We don’t like socialists.

We watch Red Dawn and cheer when the high school kids are shooting socialists with AK-47s.

Sure, there will be a couple of people there who will cheer for the Bern, and she’ll probably go over great in Detroit.

But for the most of the Midwest, a New York City socialist coming to the Midwest just pisses us off.  Anybody who stands up next to a New York City socialist in a farm in Kansas is begging the state to tell him to jump feet first into a combine.


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By J. Kb

18 thoughts on “Two socialists go to Kansas”
  1. “Right now we are in a critically important juncture in our country,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a statement released by El-Sayed’s campaign.

    Well, she’s right about one thing at least.

    This won’t end well. Or so one would hope.

    1. ….I’m still waiting for the rest of the set up of the joke.

      ya know, like “Horse walks into a bar.

      Bartender looks up, and asks, ‘Why the long face?'”

  2. And a belated thought … Isn’t her path, lionization and treatment by the Democrat party, reminiscent of Obama’s?

    1. Obama was the second coming of Christ and/or Lincoln, depending on who you listened to. I’m not seeing anywhere near the hype this time around.

      Must remember, the MSM isn’t well regarded anymore. The opposite really (Fake News, etc). The old saying “Don’t believe everything you hear on tv” has come full circle and apparently enough people have taken it to heart.

      1. I disagree. Obama was lionized as a senator while running for president. She’s not even in congress yet. She’s a rising star for a victory in a primary. This is going to be worse than Obama.

        1. And Trump was a direct reaction to Obama, and the left hasn’t learned a dammed thing from that. How could she be anything other than dead in the water? Only the true believers would go for her.

          1. Problem is, Dead J, you’re not dealing with rational people. You’re dealing with an overemotional teenage hivemind that wants to believe that the world is a pleasant place (if only Repubs and Deplorables would stop being so mean and uncouth). They will do their damndest to escheat power from the common man, “for our own good” and all that, and try to make the world a warm and fuzzy place of equal misery and unicorns and stuff.

            You don’t have to be a true believer to follow this commie. You will see a lot of people following the hivemind, nothing more or less.

    2. The Dems caught lightning in a bottle with Obama. He is articulate and eloquent when reading from a teleprompter (not so much without one) and sounds intelligent to people who have no critical thinking skills. Ocasio-Cortez exposes herself as a moron as soon as she opens her mouth and her lies about her background are coming to light. She’s a desperate Hail Mary by Dems hoping to re-create the Obama phenomenon.

      1. If the average Democrat voter card very much about a candidate’s articulateness and decorum, the House would be quite different.

        Mr Obama got Republican votes by his eloquence and presentation, they weren’t needed for the Dems.

        1. There was also a fair amount of irritation and disgust towards the GOP due to 8 years of W and his squishy GOPe ways. The Hope was we’d get Bill Clinton III over Bush IV; instead we got Carter II & III.

    3. I was thinking the same thing. They are grooming her for a Presidential run. 2020? Perhaps a Nobel Peace Prize?

      Here is the playbook:
      1 Destroy sitting Republican President’s numbers with fake news and protests.
      2 Vague promises of change, to include bread and circuses (“Now that Obama is President, I don’t have to worry about paying my mortgage.” Remember that?

  3. Will she win? Last I heard Joe Crowley was still on the ballot, on some Communist Third Party line.

    Will the GOP even run a candidate in this district? Maybe the winner will be the least insane candidate? (Remember how Wendy Pink Shoes was going to turn Texas blue?) My uninformed guess says that she does something really, really stupid, and even the SJW crowd say drop out. Crowley steps up and says vote for me, and I will keep the money flowing. It is a long time until November 6.

    By the way, have you volunteered for any political campaigns? Get out there and make a difference.

    1. My money is that her speechafying does pretty much nothing outside of the various already Communist districts; that she wins a seat and joins the Congressional Idiot Caucus in January. After all, Maxine Waters is getting kind of old.

    2. She will win. Minorities are largely voting by race. New York 14 is a solid Blue district, where 80% of voters vote Democrat, 70% of residents don’t speak English, and that won’t change in November.

  4. I love the delusion that their coming to Wichita will matter, or that Ron Estes Congressional seat is vulnerable because he was elected by an eight percent margin in a low turnout special election. The only reason that electionntook place was beacuse Mike Pompeo was appointed to the President’s cabinet, I am sure in November things will settle back into the normal massive trouncing of who ever the Dem offer up as a the sacrificial goat by forty or so points.

    1. With all due respect to Kansas, I think Federal law should be changed to have the election primary be done on one day just like election day. No more first to Kansas stuff.

      1. That might be hard to pull off. Primaries are merely private activities of a non-government organization (a particular party). It’s hard enough to justify states making decisions about it; the Federal government clearly has no authority (see the 1st Amendment).

        Quite apart from that argument, there is the fact that the states have full authority over the running of elections, with very small exceptions. Interestingly enough, as far as I can tell, the rule for who can vote is up to the states (again, with a few specific exceptions via Constitutional amendments on gender and age of voters). To pick one example, I think that CA could decide to give illegals aliens the vote if they choose, and if so, that would apply to elections for Federal office. If they pulled such a stunt I suspect a new Amendment would swiftly be proposed, but right now that seems to be permitted.

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