A friend of mine sent me this BBC video about a Liberal gun club.

My first thought was “oh great, the BBC is pushing the same ‘gun owners are all white males’ bullshit that I see from anti-gunners in the US.”

My next thought was “good for these people, self defense is a human right, and I support the gun rights of anybody who wants to take their personal protection seriously.”

Then I had a rage spike and my brain shorted out.

So, I’m totally supportive of LGBT people who want to defend themselves.

After the Pulse Night Club shooting, the LGBT community learning that the police only show up after the attack to tag the bodies is how that works and they should be prepared to deal with an attack in real time.  Great.

So I see them post stuff like this on Twitter and it makes my gun brain smile.

At the same time, some of these people are still a bunch of awful fucking Marxist Leftists.

So notice how in the video, they were all shooting at a target in a Klan hood.  Fine, I hate Klansmen too.

But consider for a moment that the Pulse shooter was a radicalized Muslim man who pledged allegiance to ISIS, and not the Right wing, Christian bigot that the media and pop culture has tried to whitewash him as.

They are training, in their own way, to fight their preconceived biases and not the reality of the threat.

While it’s cathartic to shoot at an Osama bin Laden target, you shouldn’t use that for training.  Don’t train to one threat and ignore all the others.

While I fully support self defense, the politics devolved from self defense to practicing oppression.

Remember that fat trans-woman from the beginning of the video.

This is her, the co-founder of the Socialist Rifle Association.

She Tweets shit like this:

Oh, golly gee, she supports Antifa.

Antifa is not a self defense organization.  It is a bunch of Leftist thugs.  Modern day, American Black Shirts.

They say claim “self defense” all they want, but when they are bashing people over the head with sticks and bike locks because they want to actively deny other people their First Amendment rights while making the claim that ALL people on the Right are Fascists or neo-Nazis, that’s not self defense.

They are the aggressively, boot stamping on a human face forever, socialists.

They are not really interested in civil rights, they want to arm and practice for the revolution.

They are the reason I own guns.

See, I want to be left alone.  This is my flag.

This is their flag.  Seriously, I’m not kidding.

Do you see the difference?

Top: Freedom
Bottom: Oppression

If some fat trans femme wants to own a gun because she doesn’t want to be bashed, great.  I support her right and couldn’t care less that she’s some fat trans femme.

If some fat trans femme want to own a gun because she looks at my house, my truck, my income, my health insurance, and my bank account and thinks that she has the right to take it from me because I have more than she thinks I should, well…

I’m glad that I have a 375 H&H because that’s the smallest size they let you use on hippo.

I’m having a hard time square this gun rights circle, because I absolutely believe in the right to self defense and to fight for one’s liberty, but half that group is part of the boot heel on throat crew that makes me believe in gun rights.

Personally, I wonder how Armed Equality feels about standing up for self defense and posting Never Again memes, while being retweeted by a bunch of antisemitic socialist thugs?

All I can say is that this shows that the other side is training.

It’s not just going to be a bunch of snowflakes and soybois who have never held a weapon before.  At least a few are starting to practice.

Be safe out there.




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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Umm…. I’m at a loss here on gun rights”
  1. Don’t obsess on who or what side is armed.
    They’ll be armed whether or not you think it’s good or not.
    Just understand that ‘rights’ are a two way range.

    Work on identifing who in your area are the tyrant wanna-bes and plan accordingly.

    That planning should include passive as well as active defense measures as well as concealment of your capabilities using “grayman” tactics.

  2. “I’m glad that I have a 375 H&H because that’s the smallest size they let you use on hippo.”

    That was such a sick burn I let out an audible goddamn!

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