Leftist rioters took over a public street and started shooting at drivers in cars who didn’t stop and accept the violence they were dishing out.

I have covered incidents like this before.  They were becoming frequent occurrences in 2020.

They were not prosecuted at the time.

In Aurora, Colorado, a protester who shot at a Jeep driving through a crowd hit and injured two other protesters but served no jail time despite felony convictions.

Now we have a fatality.

It too will not be prosecuted and punished because the protesters are Leftists and it’s Portland.

This only encourages more protesters to shoot at cars.

The unequal application of the law, that excuses or fails to punish this type of crim, puts Leftist criminals in charge of the streets.

It is a form of tyranny by outsourcing political violence from state actors to activists.

The point is to make you afraid of offending the Left because they will kill you and not suffer punishment for it.

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By J. Kb

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