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California veteran shoots robbery suspect who pistol-whipped him at market

A U.S. Air Force veteran working as a clerk in a northern California market shot and killed a robbery suspect Sunday after the perp clocked him in the head with his gun, according to reports.

Surveillance video captured the moment two armed, masked robbery suspects stormed Kam’s Market in Bay Point, Calif., located in the San Francisco Bay area around 11 p.m. The footage shows one suspect approach Mark Kasbrowicz behind the register and hit him in the head with his gun, knocking him to the ground. As the suspect loaded cash into his bag, Kasbrowicz managed to get up and grab the store’s gun out of a drawer.

The situation escalated when the masked man noticed Kasbrowicz was armed. He began to beat Kasbrowicz until one of the guns went off, causing him to flee the store. That’s when Kasbrowicz fired at him.

The suspect who attacked Kasbrowicz collapsed in the parking lot and died from the gunshot wound, reports said. The second suspect managed to run out of the store and escape. Kasbrowicz received 17 staples in the head after the incident. Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office said Kasprowicz acted in self-defense and is continuing to search for the second man who fled the scene.

Video here:

I’m amazed that Kasprowicz isn’t going to prison.

Doesn’t he know that it’s legal in the San Francisco bay area to steal up to $950?  Also, he’s got job privilege and the armed robbers are clearly the victims of a capitalist society.  They were just redistributing that store owner’s wealth.

Also, if Kam’s Market was law-abiding, why did they have a gun and did Kasprowicz have all the right paperwork and pass all the necessary universal background checks when it took it?

Don’t worry.  There will be protests and demands for this clerk’s head.  Justice will be served for the dead robber.

They can’t have hard-working citizens shooting the criminals that attack them, otherwise, the city won’t have the criminal and vagrant population it needs to keep sucking money out of people to line the pockets of the homeless-industrial complex.

Without that, San Francisco homeless activists won’t be able to pay for trans-gender strippers at their annual luncheon the way Seattle does.  And we all know, San Francisco won’t let itself come in second to any other city when it comes to supporting trans-gender strippers.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Unpossible good shoot in California”
  1. As soon as I read, He began to beat Kasbrowicz until one of the guns went off, causing him to flee the store. That’s when Kasbrowicz fired at him. I went where you went in my head.

    He shot a guy running away? He’s a goner.

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