So I caught this very nasty stomach flu which had me out for a day and a half. To say it was equivalent to and a Elon Musk’s rocket launch would not be an exaggeration.

Everything is packed and just waiting for the truck to come pick up the container “sometime between 9 am and 11 pm” (really?) and since I also have the floor and tile cleaning people showing up this afternoon, I am expecting an episode of Worlds Collide.

If both of this last events come out without any more issues, I have a room and a half left to paint and we are done fixing the house. Funny thing, we had our first house hunters today while we were out loading crap to take to then dump. Young couple, she appears to be early pregnant and they wanted to have walk around the house which I politely declined because truthfully I have no idea what the real state agent would agree or not and I told them so. I gave them a chance for a quick peek from the main door which gives you a straight look to the black and the lake. I know it was what caught my eye 20+ years ago.

The lady fell in love with what she saw and made no bones about it. The guy seemed to like it too but he kept his calm and cool because guy thing. He might have been a little shaken when I asked if he fished, he said yes and I pulled photos of my last captures in the lake before packing my gear. I could only tell hem to contact the realtor and I wish them the best.

I have heard that closings down here are taking less than 2 weeks and even heard of one taking 2 days. It would be hilarious that the house would be sold before we even put it up in the market.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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6 thoughts on “Update on the Move.”
  1. Sounds very promising.

    The last time we moved we came to an agreement with the seller before the home even listed. Our old home sold in a week. That was about 5 years ago; but the local market is … unusual. (Company town – like effects.)

    Sorry to hear about the stomach problems; some might perhaps be stress-related.

  2. I had mine sold before I listed it, which I never did. My neighbors knew we were moving and stopped by one day and said they had a friend that wanted to buy our house. So we worked with them, got an appraisal, figured out the commission on the same and took half off the price. hey day we said we were ready they had offer in writing to my lawyer, they had already been pre approved and 1 week later we signed papers. It can happen and it is glorious.

    Sorry to hear about the stomach crap. Never fun.

  3. If you have a contract with a realtor, what you told them is correct procedure. If you don’t have a contract yet, you could bypass the realtor and deal directly with those people. That will net you a bit more money at the price of having to do more work yourself rather than offloading it onto the realtor. It’s a trade off, and people go different ways on that depending on preferences and circumstances.

  4. Son & DiL lived in a county just outside King County/Seattle and decided to get out. Soon as people driving by saw him doing some painting they stopped to ask if they were selling and how much?

    By the second day it was listed they had three people bidding on it. There it’s people who can’t leave the state but desperately want outside of King County.

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