My gun from Wilson Combat was delivered to West Chester, Ohio.

I am in Huntsville and Wilson Combat is in Arkansas.  How it ended up in Ohio is something the woman I’ve talked to at UPS cannot explain.

Here is my supposition:

I told the people at UPS on Friday I would be reporting this to both the Huntsville Police and ATF, and that they should remind the UPS employees at the facility that stealing a gun is a 10-year minimum sentence.

I called UPS and let corporate know that they lost my gun, that went up a few layers of management.

So I have the feeling that some UPS employee tried to pocket my gun and at a morning meeting on Saturday, realized he done fucked up and didn’t want to get caught with the evidence, and so then tried to make it disappear by sending back into the system.

Now the question is, can UPS recover my package from Ohio and get it back to me?

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “UPS Update – 6/17/2019”
  1. If they “found” it, obviously they can deliver it. So you could tell them that they have 2 days to deliver it, else your promise to notify the feds of theft of firearm goes back into effect.

  2. Did it end up at another FFL? That might have just been a wrong address from the sender.

  3. No matter what, I would report it to the Feds. Since a missing firearm, supposedly shipped to you, even though you don’t have it, can still be your fault.

    Cover your derriere.

    And the Feds have interesting ways to make companies that dick around suddenly toe the straight and narrow.

    UPS ought to at least compensate you monetarily for the shipping screw up after you receive your gun. A gift card worth a box of ammo or something.

    Instead, they’ll put you on a ‘screw with this person’s shipments list’ at the local shop. Been there, suffered from that.

    1. Not true, not a requirement. How would the FFL person unlock it? Firearms are shipped in boxes or sometimes hard sided cases. I know because I’ve delivered them, I see them come through the system, and picked them up from my FFL guy. Also, if the zip code is of by one digit it could end up in the wrong place.

  4. Sometimes in the freight & package business stuff happens. Theft in a union company isn’t very likely to happen. I’m sure it was a misplaced pro # or bar code issue. The company will make it right.

  5. Ups driver here. I doubt someone tried to steal your gun although its possible. Most likely was a sorting error and got loaded on wrong semi. It was scanned and accounted for at wrong location so it appears nobody was trying to hide anything. Dont always assume the worst-unless of course your mission was to troll ups and tarnish our image on purpose…


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