Just finished watching the House proceedings live and all the bad amendments were defeated soundly. Rep Matt Gaetz stood like an Spartan and took on all comers, some like Rep. Irving Slosberg were verbally bitch-slapped with such finesse I am feeling the impacts. Gaetz had the stats, the answers and the presence of mind not to fall for little traps, truly an amazing job this man performed.

The results are posted in the House Bill 163 page, but here is a quick summary:

  • No OC 500 feet that sell alcohol: DEFEATED.
  • No OC 500 feet of a movie theater: DEFEATED.
  • No OC 500 feet of a religious institution: DEFEATED
  • No OC 500 feet of a polling place: DEFEATED
  • No OC within school safety zone. DEFEATED
  • OC Must carry on an empty chamber and hammer cannot be cocked (WTF?): DEFEATED
  • Legislators allowed to carry concealed during sessions. (No idea how this got into OC discussions): APPROVED
  • Temp Suspension of CWP if OC is found intoxicated: APPROVED
  • Permanent resident alien via K1 Visa (Fiancee) not allowed to have a CWP: APPROVED
  • No OC allowed if you are an illegal alien: APPROVED (No, seriously, this was an item)
  • Permanent resident alien via Diversity Visa not allowed to have a CWP: with a substitute No illegals can get a CWP: APPROVED
  • No CWP if you have renounced your citizenship. APPROVED (I guess, it had a substitute but lost track.. I had to go to the bathroom bad.)
  • Amendment: Banning of large capacity Magazines. Substitute limiting to 15 rounds. FAILED (and quite badly)

Representatives Moskowitz and Geller (full-fledged Antis) hopped into the Gun Control Moral Pony and tried to “shame” people into voting for their nasty amendments. They initially sounded like Shannon Watts and ended up mimicking Ladd Everitt’s madness when they saw how bad they were being b beaten. Their mistake was to confront a well-prepared individual with Gun Control memes and slogans. You can only tug hearts so far before the owners get pissed and figure out you are an idiot.

Quote of the session:
“No right to shout ‘THEATER!’ in a fired crowd”  (I missed who said that, I was not looking at the time, but… DAMN!)

So, it was a good day and I feel optimistic about Open Carry having a damned good chance of passing and becoming law. We need to put pressure on De La Portilla and the Florida GOP with the gentle reminder that actions have consequences.

Do me a favor, write a note of thanks to Rep. Gaetz. You can do that from his website. Hell, he deserves at least a six-pack and some BBQ too!

OK, now I am gonna fetch me some supper.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “URGENT: Florida Open Carry survives attack and goes for Third Reading”
  1. “No CWP if you have renounced your citizenship.” – this is a question on the 4473. If you have done this, you can’t buy or own a gun in the US, so why would you need a CWFL?


    1. There was a lot of that. Tells you these people have no idea about Gun Laws, either federal or state. I saw a bit of the Campus Carry debates and you had Dems bitching about Open Carry campus when the bill was concealed carry. Memes and slogans, the lot of them.

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