The situation in Venezuela has deteriorated.

Juan Guaidó is the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela and is recognized as acting President of Venezuela by the United States and some 50 other countries around the world, including most of South and Central America.

Nicolás Maduro has refused to step down after his election was declared illegitimate by the National Assembly of Venezuela according to the Venezuelan Constitution.

By every objectve measure, Maduro is a tyrant and a dictator.  Amnesty International has accused Maduro’s regime of “committing some of the worst human rights violations in Venezuela’s history.”  He has bankrupted Venezuela and reduced his people to eating garbage and starving to death.  He has armed thugs to crack down on his people and is responsible for over 8,000 extrajudicial killings of civilians.

Just yesterday the world watched as troops loyal to Maduro ran over protesters with armored vehicles.

So how has the Media and the Democrats in the United States responded to a dictator murdering his own people to maintain power?


Here is CNN Newsroom Co-Anchor & CNN Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto calling the US backing the legitimate President Juan Guaidó a coup.

Here is US Congressman from California Ro Khanna blaming Vice President Pence for the violence in Venezuela.

Here is Ben Rhodes, who worked with Obama to normalize relations with Raul Castro in Cuba and craft the terrorist supporting Iran Deal, unhappy with the men in charge of US relations Venezuela having a history of not being soft on dictators.

Here is Bernie Sanders, the thought leader of the Democrat Party refusing to condemn Maduro.

The Left never met a dictator it didn’t like.  It is amazing watching them be so soft on Maduro as we watch the atrocities he has caused to that country in real time.

If they are so willing to support a mass murdering dictator in Venezuela because they like his socialist rhetoric, think about how they will view the imposition of tyranny in the US.


Here is CNN’s Chris Cuomo defending Antifa, which is a group of violent socialist thugs, not terribly unlike those armed by Maduro to bust skulls on his behalf.


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By J. Kb

One thought on “Venezuela and something to think about for 2020”
  1. Just a couple points/counterpoints:

    First, Jim Sciutto: “Don’t miss this: the US is now publicly supporting an armed coup in Venezuela. The other side is a govt backed by Russia.”

    “Armed coup”, Jim? Guaido’s backers don’t have guns. The Chavez/Maduro regime made sure of that a LONG time ago. The only people the government allows to have guns are the military and criminal goons, all of whom support Maduro. That’s some “armed coup”, all right.

    And the other side (Maduro) is backed by Russia? Is that supposed to mean we need to support Maduro, too? Can you honestly tell me that wouldn’t be labelled by the media as “Trump/Russia Collusion in Venezuela”?

    Second, Ro Khanna: “The Vice President has no place inciting violence in Venezuela. We cannot allow ourselves to contribute toward a civil war abroad. Instead, this is the moment for diplomacy and restraint.”

    Pence is not, on either count. If anything, the Trump administration is being VERY measured in its diplomatic approach to Venezuela. We’re backing Guaido, in accordance with Venezuela’s own Constitution, and we’re doing so with words and diplomacy, not arms and violence.

    Also, it’s pretty rich seeing a Leftist calling for “diplomacy and restraint” when, after every mass-shooting event, the Left immediately calls for more gun laws and harshly criticizes the Right for waiting for the facts before drawing conclusions.

    Waiting for facts before drawing conclusions. Isn’t that a shining example of “diplomacy and restraint” as applied to domestic issues?

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