Venezuela Antifa free to intimidate people with simple guns.

This is a headline in one of the papers in Caracas. Our “Colectivos” friends going after people protesting for the lack of… well, everything! Food, water, electricity, medicines, you name it.

Here is a bigger pic:

I can’t tell, but it seems to me to be a simple Ruger 10/22 or maybe a Ruger PC 9mm.  Now, if it is a Ruger PC, that entails an interesting question as importation of guns have been forbidden several years now and long before the PC was released here. I wonder where he got it? Illegally? Government? /end sarcasm>

The paper reports of two injured by gunfire during the incident.

Black hoodie on the left, shotgun?

And the suckers on video.

These are people who with a small bore rifle, a shotgun and a couple of sidearms are able to control a block full of apartment buildings because the populace is unarmed.


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