Venezuela extends prohibition to carry firearms for another year.

“To guarantee the citizens’ security, peace, internal order and the physical integrity of our Venezuelan people.”

So much nobility brings a tear to my eye [snark]
And if I am not mistaken, that would make it the fifth year in a row.  The Disarmament Law was passed and with it came the procedures to allow people to carry concealed. They are bizarre, baroque and onerous, but still there was supposed to be a way to get a permit. But the Government suspended all carry permits and possible renewals because crime and the fact that the infrastructure to issue the permits was not up and running (still is not) and logically, you don’t want people carrying guns with them, right? It would become the Wild West! So they suspend the issuance and renewal of permits till things got better.

That was five years ago.  I am sure people are done waiting and see through the charade: They are never going to get their carry permits back. In the meantime, violent crime will be running wild as I has been doing since the asshole Chavistas and assorted Cuban helpers took over the country.

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