Miguel has touched on this Tweet from Bernie Sanders, twice.

The second time, he posed that Venezuela is becoming a thorn on the side of Liberal/Progressive Democrats.

With all the respect I have for Miguel, I don’t think that is the case.

I have read the comments left by the Bernie fans, and while they are dragging Bernie over the coals for his comment, they have made a the situation in Venezuela crystal clear.

Venezuela is not real socialism.  Maduro isn’t actually a socialist.  The economic situation in Venezuela is entirely because of the racist, colonialist, capitalist, exploitation of the United States taking Venezuela’s oil and sanctioning the country.

Not to mention that the aid is just cover for America to smuggle weapons into Venezuela to create a civil war that America can further exploit.

It’s true.

Wanting the socialist dictator of Venezuela to step down is racist because the people that oppose him are white.

More aid = guns.

Note, scratch a socialist, find an anti-Semite.  What does Israel have to do with Venezuela at all?


Venezuela couldn’t make money  on oil when it cleared $100 per barrel.

This argument is literally: “the worlds’ worst dictators all support Maduro and that is why we should support Maduro too.”

When you lose the US Maduro supporters…

What I have learned here is that Bernie is Boxer from Animal Farm.  No matter what he did to mainstream socialism in America with his 2016 campaign, it wasn’t enough and they are going to send his old ass out to the glue factory.

Maybe this is why at his Town Hall he responded to Trump’s statement about socialism this way:

He can’t come right out and say he’s a socialist and lose middle America but he can’t deny it either and lose his base.

He’s trying to play both sides.

But if anybody thinks that hanging the failure of Venezuela on him will hurt him, they are mistaken.

Venezuela wasn’t real socialism, in America, it will work.

It’s more ammo buying time.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Venezuela isn’t a problem for the Democrats”
  1. Bernie’s going to be playing the same role Gene McCarthy did in 1972.
    He’s the guy who was the spoiler during the previous election, but washed up and almost forgotten by the next.

  2. Moreover, while the True Believers hang onto their 19 century economic cargo cult, there’s also a lot of people who aren’t deliberately blind and stupid- some are even Democrats.

  3. Why do we give so much attention to Twitter? These are not representative of the US population, just of Twitts who already follow a national socialist politician.

  4. We’re at a point in history where what we thought was inconsequential ranting (Twitter) now has enough critical mass that it is shaping opinions. It may not be shaping opinions in certain circles we are part of, but the power of Trump to nearly completely bypass the conventional media channels — or, alternately, use the conventional channels as a bludgeon against both the traditional media and his drunkard foe — should have been a clear warning that something sinister this way comes. Very few politicians have completely grasped the significance of a high-bypass media strategy, yet, and the old-school media have done their damndest to decry and bury it, but as of right now I estimate this is here to stay and it will only become more prevalent going forward.

    As with all things offense and defense, given enough time the new model of offense will become routine and countered by a new form of defense. We didn’t start the new offensive front, but we were the first to use it as a proper sledgehammer. Now we have to guard against a return whack.

  5. Bernie isn’t Boxer. Boxer had a job.

    Bernie is a wanna-be Napoleon but is going to end up Snowball.

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