Venezuelans, I am dissapoint

Salt Bae is the internet appellation for a Turkish chef who became a meme for being weird with a steak.

Because celebrity and politics have slammed into each other like the Crash at Crush Salt Bae served steaks to Venezuelan President Maduro in Turkey.

Marco Rubio voiced his opinion on this because Salt Bae owns a steakhouse in Miami.

Spot on criticism.

Understand, that steakhouse is literally across the street from my dad’s law office.  I know that building.  I know that restaurant.  I’ve been there.

The internet attacked Rubio for this.  Kicking the Press Secretary or Secretary of Education out of a restaurant is fine, but telling people to complain about a guy who is serving a mass murdering dictator is not.

Apparently Salt Bae is a big fan of dictators.  He praised Castro and did a likeness of him for fun.

It’s a good thing for him that Fidel is dead, because if Salt Bae served him a steak… I know old Cubans, they would have burned his restaurant to the ground, probably with him inside.

Miami’s Venezuelans, I am disappoint.

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