I knew about this range.  Other YouTubers have shot there, especially Bloke on the Range.

What I really like about this video is the point he makes at the end.

The idea that anyone who goes through all the training, permitting, and rigmarole of getting a gun in Switzerland isn’t going to commit a gun crime.

This is what we have been saying for years about concealed carry permit holders in the United States.

Anyone who is willing to go to the police station and willingly have their fingerprints scanned and background checked (e.g., Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, North Carolina, etc.) is not someone likely to commit a gun crime.

The statistics in Florida, which tracks that, really bears that out.

In Switzerland, that is so well understood they let permitted people shoot over a highway.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Very interesting video about a Swiss range”
  1. That was very cool! Thanks for sharing that!

    Writing your blog must be difficult with the lack of immediate feedback. There’s many of us out here who enjoy reading y’all’s posts, but many of us just enjoy it and move on without a comment, so kudus to you for continuing on without the “parade” and thank you for your posts!

    1. Having the “two thumbs” widget on the article, rather than only on the comments, would be a nice improvement.

  2. I’m a big fan of Tom Scott and have been watching his videos for years. He has a remarkable knack for finding people with obscure-but-vitally-important jobs to come on camera and explain what they do. These often very technical and complicated jobs, like railroad switch operator trainers or the guy that raises and lowers Tower Bridge in London… and Tom translates the technobabble and jargon into plain English flawlessly and without “dumbing it down” for the audience.

    He’s also a very skillful interview, getting his interview subjects (who are often normally pretty taciturn skilled tradesmen and engineers) to absolutely gush with joy over getting a chance to talk about what they do.

    Tom’s other videos are either short travelogues to obscure-but-neat-places, explaining technical and weird computer science things in a fun way, or he and his nerdy friends playing at game shows they made up. Google for “Citation Needed The Technical Difficulties,” you’ll love it.

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