The victim was in the area to meet the buyer of a phone he had advertised for sale online, deputies said.

Deputies said the victim shot at the four people after they tried to rob him. The four would-be robbers fled in a vehicle

Source: Victim shoots at would-be robbers in Deerfield Beach, deputies say | News – Home

Perhaps a Craiglist armed robbery that went well as in the bad guys did not get what they wanted. Tried to get more info, but this one is sketchy and had no sympathetic victim to be milked, so i expect a dismissal from the editor’s attention.

I think Craiglist is the Mos Eisley of interweb sales.  But that is just my very opinionated view… these are not the ads you are looking for.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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2 thoughts on “Victim shoots at would-be robbers in Deerfield Beach.”
  1. I stay away from Craigslist. There’s not really anything on there I need enough to take a chance on meeting a total stranger, even at high noon in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

  2. I’ve bought and sold plenty of things on Craigslist without a problem, ranging from $40 tools up to an old diamond ring. But I’m sure where you live has a sizeable effect on your success rate. Granted, I’m never unarmed when I’m selling anything either.

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