That is awesome!!!

This is an incredible victory for gun rights.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “VICTORY IN CALIFORNA!!! Let the salt flow and drink in their tears!!!”
  1. Wait until it goes en banc and The court upholds the ban and their reasoning will literally be “guns are bad”. And they can get away with that too because the Supreme Court won’t do fucking shit.

    I honestly wonder when Oregon, California or Washington ban all gun ownership or the Democrats been all gone ownership with the mandated extermination of every single person in the country that owns a gun well the Supreme Court actually take up the case? Since it’s a Second Amendment case the possibility is zero. Because To the Supreme Court it be too large and controversial decision to declare that the Democrats do not have the authority to ban all guns, use the full force the United States military to go door to door to confiscate all guns by force and kill every single solitary United States citizen in a home with a gun.

  2. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

    Gavin, better tune up your resume. You just might need it sooner than you think.

  3. Gavin didnt read the part where the judge pointed out more people are murdered by other weapons – included fists/feet – to warrant such prohibitions. Thus the “direct threat” Gavin spouts out about was specifically shot down as being contrary to facts, but why let facts get in the way of a democratic talking point.

  4. I really, truly and honestly hope Judge B. has a good protective detail. Given the bile that spews from the Left in general, and the violent, terroristic actions of Antifa etc. over the past year and a half, were I him I’d be worrying about my and my family’s safety.

    Of course, given that, I respect him even more given his rulings.

  5. Newsome: ” slap in the face to all those who lost loved ones to gun violence”

    The rest of us: “Kate Steinle wants to speak to you about illegals and *their* violence. Pompous two-faced hypocrite.”

  6. As Judge Benitez was born in Havana in 1950, this is where the Farmer’s Insurance guy comes in. “We know a thing or two Because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

  7. And yet, I have every single bit of confidence that some whiter than white Blue Check Karen, trust fund baby with a useless degree from Expensive Legacy University, is going to call him out on his “White Privilege”.

  8. Swiss Army knives were designed for military use on the battlefield. Civilians don’t have a need to own military hardware.

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