This is Democratic Representative Haley Stevens, from Michigan’s 11th district.

She attended a local town hall to talk about gun control.

This is how it turned out.

It should be noted that the Twitter account that posted this, Michigan Rising Action, is a Liberal/Progressive activist group and they posted this in support of Haley.

This is nuts.  This is a sitting member of Congress going into a full-throated yelling, spittle flying rage saying a civil rights organization “has got to go.”

And what exactly does she mean by “has got to go?”

This is not a person who can rationally discuss policy, this is a person consumed with hatred of another group of people.

I think the most important thing that Hillary did was her “basket of deplorables” statement.  From that moment on, the Left hasn’t shied away from making it clear that they don’t see political disagreements as matters of applying policy.

For them it is personal.  You are an irredeemably bad and immoral person for trying to stand in the way of their utopian vision.

They are right and you are an untermensch who is stopping them from creating peace and prosperity, and because of that, you have got to go.

It was captured on video and they are proud of it.

Side note: when I looked up Haley, she is a month older than me.  Ilhan Omar is a little less than two years older than me.  AOC is 6 years younger than me.

I am the chief scientist of a $500 Million per year defense contractor.

I look at myself in the mirror and think “I can’t believe that a company put me in charge of what they did.”

I’ve considered that I might run for Congress if Mo Brooks ever vacates his seat, but right now, I don’t think I am as knowledgeable or experienced as I need to be to do that job.

Then I look at these members of Congress and am agog.

Politics, especially Democrat politics is 100% the Dunning-Kruger effect, and almost all of them are at the low competence/high self-estimation side of the curve.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Video evidence of how much they hate you”
  1. They do not hate the NRA because of the NRA. They hate the NRA because it is truly a ground up organization. The NRA is run by the members.

    What do you get from the NRA? A monthly magazine? Right… well worth the $20/yr, right? No… what you really get from the NRA is an organization that is fighting on your behalf, and it knows that if it stops doing that, it will lose membership.

    No, it is because the NRA is actually a grassroots organization. It is what they claim their “grassroots” organizations should be. If the NRA was outlawed tomorrow, the members would not just disappear. A different organization would pop up almost overnight. On the other hand, if Bloomberg decides to stop funding whatever organization it would disappear.

    And, that is where the NRA gets their real power from. Moms Demand Everytown can get into politicians offices, but that politician knows they only represent a handful of votes. The NRA, on the other hand, is actual voters that are motivated by an issue, and the WILL vote a particular way. The politicians know that.

    It is indicative of their mindset that they think disbanding the NRA will result in any change to the voter bloc. Top down, government heavy organization…

  2. BTW, they held this event at a gun club. Under false pretenses (they gave a false name for their organization when booking the room).
    One wonders why they would do this. The answer is pretty obvious: they were hoping to create a media spectacle. And push a fake narrative. Quoting from one report of the event:
    “Stevens’ staff ushered her away from the fray, saying they were concerned about her safety.”
    Yeah, sure. They know that is a lie. They know perfectly well that they were safe here, because they know that gun owners are a law abiding bunch. If gun owners were the evildoers they always claim, they would never have left the room. But in fact they walked out unharmed, at a time of their choosing, because the people they are attacking so hard are too polite to attack back (by anything stronger than loud words).

  3. I used to live in this district, which covers northwestern Wayne and southwestern Oakland counties. The area has historically been strongly Republican, being the more “rural” part of Metro-Detroit, lots of blue collars and rednecks. Assembly line workers, skilled trades contractors, grandsons and granddaughters of farmers whose old family farm is now a cul de sac of McMansions… Since the 1990s it has become a swing district, with just a slight Republican lean, as middle management types have bought those McMansions. Voters have frequently continued to support Republicans in House races.

    Going after the NRA is a bad strategy in this district. It’d be an incredibly safe seat for a Blue Dog Democrat who could balance UAW support and propping up progressive social programs. Someone like Bill (not Hillary) Clinton could spend the next fifty years being handed constantly easy re-elections…

    All they have to do is not be crazy. They can’t do it.

  4. I’ve been a member of the NRA and then let the membership expire. I think my friend gave the membership to me for a year.

    We use to go down to Annapolis every year to participate in the “gun bill” days of the senate and house. The magic is that if you get there, walk in, you can put your name on the roster to speak, and you can sign up to speak on any bill.

    The house side of it was stacked. “There are so many people that have signed up to speak, we’ve decided that only one speaker per organization will be allowed to speak.” Where after 20 gun grabber organizations get up and speak, and then the NRA representative gets up and speak. Out voiced 20 to 1. Obviously we need more gun control laws.

    The senate, on the other hand, was fair. And I got a chance to speak. It was just a conference room, not the stadium/lecture hall style of the house side. And the rules were fairly applied. About 20 people in the room to testify, about 7 senators. And a half dozen cops.

    I got up to speak. Said my piece and then was floored by this huge growl/explosion of noise from outside. I didn’t know but the room was Mic’d and my every word had been heard by the crowd outside. There were 3 to 5 thousand people outside to show support for gun rights and the 2nd amendment.

    Those thousands of voices, of people, of everyday citizens that took a day off work to come show support. That is what the NRA brings to the table. They were there because the NRA said “Hey, there is going to be a hearing, come show your support.” I was there because my friend said “NRA says there is a hearing. Let’s go testify.”

    Not a single person with the NRA told me or my friends what to say. But they made sure there was a speaker at each and every hearing. They made sure our voices were heard.

    The D’s fear the NRA because of that power. The tell millions of gun owners and the even more millions of the gun owner friends, hey, this is important, go voice your concern. Let your representatives know your opinion.

    1. Exactly my point above.

      The NRA is not a bunch of guys in Northern VA calling the shots. It is millions of people who willingly take a day off of work to voice their opinion. The gun control groups seem to sit back and wait for their leadership to tell them what to do.

  5. I tried to tell myself that Willard Romney’s 47% crack didn’t mean anything. I was wrong.

    Just as wrong as Hillary was with her “Irredeemable and Deplorable” crack. Even worse, Hillary had said the exact same (probably poll tested and Committee approved) irredeemable and deplorable thing several times before, including to Israeli Channel 4? TV.

    J.Kb, If you really like people, love the networking and conferences, can’t wait to meet new people? Then you will make a great Politician. If you don’t, you can still accomplish great things for Liberty, but you may hate every tedious and repetitive minute. Good Luck if you do.

    PS You can lose 20 IQ Points and still be smarter than 85% of Congress.

    1. Western civilization would be a lot better off if more of our politicians hated being in government and fewer people who loved being in government were our politicians.

      1. That was the original concept of the USA. Unfortunately, it was immediately perverted into a professional political class.
        A small step towards a solution might be a Constitutional amendment saying the initial salary of a member of Congress is $5000 per year, and after every 2 years that salary is cut in half. Something similar for judges might also be helpful. And term limits.

        1. Salary wise, I don’t think that would do anything other than cement in the already rich people who run for congress and cut out “normal” people even more.

          Term limits would be a better disruption to setting up shot for 30+ years.

  6. Knowing that you don’t know everything and being a little cynical about your capabilities is far better than the people you mentioned who believe they know everything as well as what is best for everybody

    I don’t know who said it but ” If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room”.

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