When at the gym, I get to check the Media Propaganda News Channels and the usual suspects have been defecating clay Polyhedrons at the polls showing “deadlock” between Trump and Pedo Joe or outright advantage by Orange Man. Add to that the majority of Democrat voters (The live ones) think Joes should not run because he is too old/mentally feeble/etc.

So, I am expecting a Democratic challenger to pop up soon enough and here is my tip: If you live in a state that has Open Primaries, go ahead and cast your vote for Joe Biden.

Use the tools they designed against them and shove it up their collective rectums.



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “Vote for Biden”
  1. You neglect to account for the “super delegates” who the DNC have cast their ballots for who the DNC wants, ignoring the will of the people.
    It is what kept Bernie off the 2016 ticket.

      1. Valid point. However, imagine this scenario:
        Joe gets the nomination. At, or right before the DNC convention, he bows out. Claims health reasons, family reasons, whatever. Asks his delegates to cast their votes for Michelle 0bama instead. And, they do.
        (Alternate might be Newsom, but I am leaning toward Michelle.)
        And, there is precedent for this type of action. Didn’t Hillary tell her delegates to support 0bama in 2008 after it became obvious she was not going to get nominated? Granted, she was not the sitting President, but it does happen.

  2. My money is that they’re gonna retire Joe and push Newsome out there to be the nominee. Given some of his actions recently, I think he’s running a shadow campaign. Add in that he’s not knocking on death’s door and you fix the main gripe that the lefties and statists have with Dementia Joe.
    If you look for the podcast “Drinkin’ Bros” and find episode “Fake News 248 – Trump Leads Biden By 10 In New Polls”, they had a discussion about that subject that was pretty good (warning though, the language/discourse isn’t for everyone).

    1. Yes.
      Governor Gavin “Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew” Newsom suddenly vetoed a horrible gender affirmation bill last week. He is debating Ron De Santis on Hannity too. Yes, he is setting up a run against Sponge Brain Shits Pants Biden.

      Only one question? Will the Democrats allow him to do it?

      1. Hard telling if the Dems would allow him or want him to do it. I fully expected him to go after Feinstein’s Senate seat, ride that out until the ’28 election and then go for it. Now, who knows.
        I could see the DNC pushing either him or Michelle Obama out there to replace Joe. Kamala is done after this term, not a chance they run her. I could see RFK Jr. being a spoiler too if he throws in as a third party candidate.

  3. We don’t have party registration and have open primaries in late August in my state. They give you a primary ballot with all the parties and non-partisan offices on it, and you can only vote for a single party’s candidates. I usually vote the Democrat line in the primaries, against the incumbent, or for the gadfly candidate.

    We changed to a partisan Presidential Primary from a caucus system, so the only partisan vote record I have is voting Democrat in the 2020 Presidential Primary. Bernie! Bernie! /jk

    In the general election? Most non-partisan races have only a single candidate. Do not let them get too comfortable. ALWAYS Vote for the write in line, and worse comes to worse, use some random name like Joe Smith, or Heather Jones.

  4. Eh. I’m registered as a Democrat – not that I have any mistrust in the local registrar’s ability and willingness to keep the rolls private, you understand.
    In all seriousness, locally it’s about the only way to have any influence on who’s in the chair, i.e. pick the lesser of several weasels.

  5. I find it amusing you still feel that voting actually matters. The left OWNS the election system and everyone tasked with keeping elections honest. They proved this in 2020 and 2022. I don’t know who will “win” the presidency next year. I DO know whoever it is will have been selected and approved by the Communist leftists controlling the DNC.

    1. Agree.
      But, the (so-called) eGOP is in on it as well. The number of people who outright refused to even acknowledge something “not quite right” happened is amazing. If something seems weird, you look into it, you do not claim it never happened, or it is normal. Unless you wanted that weird thing to happen.
      Granted, it is possible that nothing underhanded happened. There is a possibility that no fraud actually went down, and the odd events have perfectly plausible explanations. But, refusing to even look into it? No, that is not the way humans act. See weird, try to figure it out… that is normal. See weird and get angry at anyone that mentions it? That’s covering up.

  6. If you’re not wearing a tinfoil hat, I strongly encourage you to reconsider.
    Obama is the DeFacto president behind his puppet, former vice president. And Valerie Jarrett is still working the global scene completely off the radar, for Obama’s administration (which has very few true Americans in it if any at all). The next president will be whomever Obama wants to operate through. There might be the appearance of a presidential election next year but in reality, Obama’s administration is going to prove once and for all that the Electoral College system has been legally circumvented, rendering the Constitutional Republic powerless. Since Obama, the Office of the US Presidency has been disgraced and discredited, just as Obama and his global backers planned.
    Hopefully you live in a state which has the backbone to go to war against leftism-globalism. If not, move to one and become engaged. As a Floridian, I am hoping DeSantis remains at the helm here. He will not survive the US Presidency, in fact if he does win, it will be planned, in order to demonstrate to the world that all who oppose leftism will die a slow agonizing political death by Chinese Water Torture.

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