The Left is doing a massive end zone dance over the decision by the Illinois State Supreme Court that the Illinois assault weapons and high capacity magazine ban was constitutional.


Anyone who knows anything about Illinois politics could have seen this coming a mile away.

The Illinois State Supreme Court always upheld gun control.  Concealed carry was forced on Illinois by the federal 7th Circuit.

The Democrats are celebrating this so hard because they lost every SCOTUS decision on guns since Heller.

I’m hoping this goes to SCOTUS.  With their track record, they will most likely shoot down all AWB and magazine capacity bands.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Waste no tears on Illinois Supreme Court decision”
  1. One of the comments show that one of the judges was actively and openly advocating for the law she ruled on.

  2. The Illinois Supreme Court is a political entity. The judges are elected to their position. While officially this was a 4-3 decision, one of the judges who received funds from the anti-gun people dissented. They claimed that the law was unconstitutional, under Illinois’ constitution because it had exceptions for some groups and because it grandfathered ownership of some banned guns.
    The lower court ruling was reversed and judgement entered. This case is dead unless it is appealed to the US Supreme Court. It won’t be appealed. As it sits, there is no Second Amendment claim. The Illinois Supreme court was clear that there were only questions of equal application of the law and how the law was passed.
    This case is dead.

    1. There’s already a separate case going through the federal courts. That’s why the SAF/FPC etc aren’t freaking out.

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