The two most popular forms of wood chipper technology are disc chippers and drum chippers.  The preferred style generally depends on use.

Disc chippers are usually smaller and more fuel efficient.

Drum chippers are generally larger and process more material faster for high volume operations.

Consider the following:


Would you select disc or drum and explain why.

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By J. Kb

28 thoughts on “WCS101: HW1”
  1. Time is money. And I believe that the French have a saying about doing things to encourage others. Ergo, go big or go home. Lining up every pedo, tyrant, & commie (but I repeat myself) will give them plenty of time to bask and reflect in that pink mist.

  2. So… the argument being made is “eventually, most rape victims end up liking it”

    I’m so old I remember when the left argued against every position they’re taking today.

  3. I would eschew the use of either chipper in favor of marooning alone on an island with no chance of rescue and no significant natural resources.

    Thus said persons would live out their relatively few remaining days enveloped in hopelessness and despair.

  4. Whatever works slowest, with the occasional jams and stoppages so that the chipee gets the very fullest of the experience.

    1. Tech note, Makarov are all 9x18mm but you could go full NKVD with a 7.62 Nagant revolver or a Tokarev automatic.

  5. My vote would be for scaphism. Let nature take its course nice and slow.

    And the left would be happy as it benefits Mother Gaia.
    A form of execution, among the ancient Persians, in which the victim is fastened into a hollow boat, force-fed and slathered in honey and milk and exposed to insects until the victim’s death

  6. “Give a man a campfire and he will be warm for a night; set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.”

  7. I am trying very hard to control my rage. How many people do I know who were molested as children? Too damn many. When you’ve been abused in any way, you tend to have a sixth sense that allows you to recognize similar pain in others.

    How many do I know who got over it? Depends on what you mean by “got over it,” but if you mean managed to put together a reasonably sane life while still bearing scars, emotional wounds, PTSD, depression, lost potential? All of them. Humans are amazingly resilient.

    How many do I know that liked it? Not a one. This is sicker than sick — it’s obscene, it’s perverse, it’s evil. A culture that does not protect children, the elderly, the weaker members from the predatory lusts of the stronger is a culture that deserves destruction.

    1. Yep. What PermanentFacePalm said. I know too many damaged people because of sexual trauma at a young age.

      And sadly, the ‘They like it as an adult’ thing is real. Because the mind is so traumatized that it permanently alters the brain, often hypersexualizing the victims as a survival method. A fucked-up survival method, but it’s real.

      Funny, once decent treatment, both by being treated decently by other people and by decent mental treatments, the previously messed-up-sexually person returns to the state they normally would have been.

      And… this works in a lot of ways. Previously ‘gay’ or ‘bisexual’ people come back to their true sexuality. So, yes, there is some truth in ‘conversion’ therapy, but it’s due to attacking the underlying sexual abuse that changed the person.

      Too many friends, too many associates, you can, if you’re experienced, see or feel the damage.

      It’s why child sexual abusers and predators need to die. Soonest. Slowly, like using an auto-firing BB gun set at really high power along with a 90% isopropyl alcohol mister, and starting at their toes and working up.

  8. Tub grinder, in a public square, 3 at a time You get the extra spectacle of a semi trailer sized machine, multiple subjects per load and the pedos kicking and screaming in the grasp of the loading crane on the way in. Then fertilize a garden of remembrance for their victims with what’s left.

  9. Desert. Just enough shade to prolong their suffering. Honey. Bullet ants. Why? Slow. The victims of childhood sexual abuse carry their wounds with them all their lives. It shouldn’t be fast.

  10. See I begin to wonder if something a bit tougher than a wood chipper wouldn’t be recommended. I worry it might have trouble with the bone.

    Now a granulator for steel recycling… I’m reasonably certain that won’t clog with bone.

    Perhaps even a 2 stage? So a big heavy crushing wheel first, then a fine chopping wheel.

    I did like the idea of the exhaust chute straight into a memorial garden.

    1. Trust me. An ash tree is far tougher than bone. Ye Olde Morbark isn’t even gonna open the governor on a pedo.

      To answer the question, drum, because it’s got the advantage of a louder more polluting engine to make the left cry just by running.

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