The Feminist Symposium on Nuclear Disarmament will fail before lunch on the first day as they argue in their progressive stack over the role of non-binary Lesbian transwomen in the Nuclear spaces of vagina-owners and then some un-Woke madman launched nuclear armageddon just to silence the caterwauling of the pink hair hysterics.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “We are all going to die”
    1. Wow, that is hilarious. I wonder what field that so-called Dr. Hartmann works in. Gender studies? Intersectional grievance basket weaving? For sure she doesn’t work in any science. The notion that space ships are “phallic shaped” for reasons other than efficiency is just utterly and totally insane.
      I got a kick out of that organization she’s working with, incorrectly translated as “What is feminism today?”. The actual translation is “who needs feminism?”. Good question.

  1. Even Jesus had to die, to get out of the insanity. Since Jesus is my Savior, I ain’t worried about it. I would like to pave my path into Heaven with demons carcasses, though.

  2. It “will fail before lunch on the first day”… because they’ll be arguing about who makes the sammiches.

  3. Dana Loesch published a note about some idiot chick at that conference saying something along the lines of ‘if women were heads of state, we’d never have wars..’ Dana pointed out some research that listed wars vs female heads of state from 1400 or so to present. Guess what.. Something like a 30% INCREASE in hostilities when females were in charge.. You’ll never see that research in the MSM..

  4. How does a “historically marginalized perspective” help shape better nuclear policy??

    My god this is some dumb shit.

    When I read some of this stuff, it hits me that these people are out there and actually exist. No one would ever intentionally make them up, but somehow there they are…..

  5. I suspect the point of a lot of blue check idiocy is to make us wish, hope, pray for nuclear annihilation.
    At least one can think happy thoughts that most of the warheads are targeted at the various People’s Democratic Republic Blue Cities.

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