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    1. I wouldn’t say COMPLETELY lost. Cities, yes, but having lived on both coasts in some rather freedom-minded areas, I’d have to disagree on them all being lost. Outside of of the cities you’ll find a whole different picture.

      Now, I’m willing to grant southern New England down through Jersey as lost, but that’s mainly Boston and NYC suburbs, so I figure my point still stands

  1. Since the political rallies are gun free zones secured by the US Secret Service, the attendees are at a disadvantage when leaving the scene. Not many self defense options other than numbers and or running away quickly. Look at San Jose.

    1. Perhaps we need a concealed carry version of the patriot guard riders: legally armed US citizens who volunteer to provide armed escort for attendees between the gun free zone of the rally and the attendee’s parking locations. Wouldn’t be possible in some locations, but based on the noted crime reduction around the NRA convention, the mere suggestion might make these goons think twice.

  2. The mayor of San Jose has not just created a precedent, he has lit a fuse. I do not think he will be as happy when the blowup comes.

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