Today, we’re sharing the decisions we’ve made that go further:
After selling through our current inventory commitments, we will discontinue sales of short-barrel rifle ammunition such as the .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber that, while commonly used in some hunting rifles, can also be used in large capacity clips on military-style weapons;
We will sell through and discontinue handgun ammunition; and
We will discontinue handgun sales in Alaska, marking our complete exit from handguns.

McMillon to Associates: Our Next Steps in Response to the Tragedies in El Paso and Southaven

I am so glad we no longer depend on the NRA and we have all these new individuals and groups taking a hard stand and stopping anything that goes against Gun Rights.

/end sarcasm/

Soon will be the day when we are going to be saying to ourselves that complaining about  Wayne’s wardrobe and ignoring the sabotage job was the dumbest shit gun owners ever did.

At this rate we will be Australia in less than 10 years because I am now starting to believe the Gun Culture 3.0 will not have the balls to go to the mattresses for gun rights.

And 20 years to be Venezuela.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

23 thoughts on “We lost Walmart”
  1. Walmart sells “Short Barreled Rifles”? Never saw an SBR in my local Wally World. Can’t imagine going through the NFA Tax Stamp process with the typical Walmart employee.

  2. Haven’t shopped in a Wal Mart in years. The hit to them over this won’t be as significant as what Dick’s has had to deal with, but they will take a small hit nonetheless.

    For what it’s worth, I think America resembling Venezuela in 20 years is inevitable. All we can do is hope to slow the fall.

    1. If there’s a confiscatory ban, I’m bailing. Venezuela went from “Richest country in south america” to “we eat zoo animals” in 20 years. My kids deserve better than that and I can easily get a job overseas, so peace out.

        1. India. Specifically Bangalore. My wife lived there for a while and I have friends over there already. It’s a well-considered plan that I started making the first time red flag laws started coming up a couple of years ago. I could buy residency in Costa Rica but it’s actually safer in India.

  3. We need to keep an eye on local legislators because the next step is to push out local gun stores. Then ban the shipping of ammunition, gun parts, and accessories.

    You can’t trust large companies such as Walmart, Paypal and Amazon to be your only source for, not only ammunition, but anything. You need alternate sources for all your needs. These companies are vulnerable to political pressure and coordinated media attacks. Today, ammo. Tomorrow knives, tools, chainsaws, survival and preppers books. Whatever some coastal elite thinks you shouldn’t have. Why should you have a generator when other people are sitting in the dark? Why are you hoarding MRE’s and camping equipment? Are you planning something?

    Buy it now. You might not be allowed later.

  4. For all intents and purposes, WalMart discontinued handgun sales in Alaska years ago. They did not stock anything, they would order it for you. Three, five, twelve weeks later, it would arrive in the local WalMart. Or, I could go to my local FFL and pick it up, in stock, that same day. Gee…. what a tough decision…

    And, their prices on ammo were not all that spectacular, unless they were having a sale on it. The only time I ever bought ammo at WalMart was when the “green tips mean armor piercing” scare happened. And being a national behemoth, they did not raise their prices on the 1,000 round box immediately. (Although, it was a decent price even before the scare.)

    The loss of WalMart is not terribly concerning in and upon itself. What is concerning is that this pressure on retailers to stop selling things that are “offensive” is actually working. WalMart was a hold out against popular pressure, but now… Who is next? Sportsman’s Warehouse? Cabela’s? Bass Pro? Convince Cabela’s/Bass Pro that handguns are not a good thing to sell, and you lose one of the most powerful national voices for shooting sports.

    If the firearms retail industry ends up being nothing but small local shops, the end is in sight. There is no way Granny’s guns will be able to withstand the onslaught.

  5. Long ago I bought my Glock at Wal-Mart, from stock, walked out with it after doing the paperwork. They had the best prices of anybody.

    “Conservatives” are herd animals just as much as any other human. The future is going to be the 1% of humans who are freethinkers vs. all the other humans, 75% of whom will snitch to aid the liberals. The freethinkers will win of course, because technological growth has always shifted military power to the individual. But the cultural landscape will be presented as scary to the middle class in the meantime. The ocean will rise due to global warming and kill is all REEEE! Except if you go to the beach and look at 100 year old structures it’s obviously untrue.

  6. It sucks… I bought all my ammo there, cheaper than anywhere else in *** MA. More important, my favorite brands are not readily available at small gun stores around here 🙁 And no, I cannot move…

  7. Screw Wal-Mart. Why spend our money at retailers who don’t like us anyway.

    Support your local small business gun store.

    1. I tried. Do not know why exactly, but both calibers I bought there really sucked. May be he stored them wrong, may be brand problem. I did not repeat the experience. And this one is the closest one to my home, 30 min away. Again, MA. Well, next step – online, I guess. Some brave souls still ship here.

    1. “Short-barrel rifle ammunition” is what you get when you play too many video games and think THAT’s how guns work.

      Pick up a box that says “rifle ammo” and you can expect it to work in M4 clones, AK clones, M1s (Garands AND Carbines), and “sniper rifles”. Because apparently those are all interchangeable. Who knew?

      Pick up a box that says “handgun ammo”, and it will fire from a Glock (which ALWAYS has a 30-round “clip”) just as well as the .357 revolver, a 1911 clone, and a Desert Eagle. Because they’re all handguns, right?

      Pick up a box that says “SMG ammo”. It works in the Thompson just as well as the WWII-era MP9 (in 9mm). But not handguns, because it’s not “handgun ammo”.

      So according to Walmart, cutting “short-barrel rifle ammunition” should be no big deal, since it’s not “normal” rifle ammunition and nobody legitimately owns a “short-barrel rifle” anyway.

      Video game generation’s logic at its finest, ladies and gentlemen!

  8. When I acquired my TN handgun carry permit years ago, i signed up to spend a weekend with Tiger McKee, a great trainer. He wanted a thousand rounds of FACTORY ammo to shoot his training.

    I spent about a month trolling local Walmarts in Chattanooga area while there was a limit on quantity in place.

    These days are done.

  9. mebbe it’s like “Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfield”. ya know: “short, barrel rifle ammunition”, which is assaultier than the “long, barrel rifle ammunition”, or something.

  10. I’m so glad that we let Wayne run the NRA into the ground with a lawyer who donates to hard core anti-gun candidates.

    / end sarcasm

    I don’t care about Walmart. They were a lost cause anyway. They wont hurt our cause at all. I never went to Walmart for guns or ammo.

    What I do care about people who attacking people who actually want a strong NRA instead and don’t care about Wayne’s wardrobe but about how he has grifted his way to destroying the NRA and making them weak.

    1. I don’t see all these poor people I am attacking stepping up and actually doing shit other than keep supporting (for free) the efforts of Bloomberg.
      Y’all remember the other groups yelling No Compromise! and telling you that for a modest fee they would fight better than the NRA? Where are your heroes now?
      You got bamboozled.
      Enjoy the confiscation

      1. The saddle must be quite comfortable. Pity not everybody can afford it.
        In my state you can dance naked or sing psalms in the legislature – – it won’t matter. What you can do is try, in a small way, to change a cultute around you. My tiny contribution as a pretty much sole gun owner among my acquaintances is volunteering to take any of those forementioned acquaintences and/or their kids to the range to teach them to shoot. After this modest proposal at least half stop asknowledging the acquaintence. And yes, it does affect your career in a negative way. And yes, your kids get bullied when they refuse to join after-Parkland school rallies. My kids were the only ones in their corresponding schools who did not rush to dance on the graves. The only ones. Yes, let me admire your saddle. From afar.

  11. Hmmm, “short-barrel rifle ammunition.”
    Twenty-several years ago, I tried to work up a .222 load that would perform well in a 14″ barrel; does that count?
    ‘Course, that was for an LBP, not an SBR.

    1. Waiting for your choice of Gun Rights group or your personal effort to counter the attacks. Please illustrate what are you or your selected ones are planning to do.
      We thank you for your surely successful effort/

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