Because I am way tired of reading stories like this:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) -An investigation by Metro Police into reported sexual abuse of a Nashville teenager between 2017 and 2018 resulted in the arrest of two educators and a Metro police officer.

Police say that five-year MNPD veteran Corey Redd surrendered at the Downtown Detention Center Wednesday afternoon. He was charged with one count of sexual battery for the allegedly inappropriately touching a then 13-year-old.

Police say the boy spent the night at Reed’s home in December 2017. Reed’s bond is set at $100,000.

According to police, 30-year-old MarVelous Brown was the band director at Joelton Middle School and allowed the teen to spend the night at his home in 2017 multiple times. He’s been charged with one count of aggravated rape, three counts of statutory rape, two counts of sexual battery, and one count of solicitation of a minor.

Until recently, police say that Brown was the band director at Fisk University. He is not currently in police custody. Police say that 25-year-old Derek Calvon Hill Jr. was charged with one count of aggravated rape for the alleged sexual assault of the teenager in 2017.

Hill is a current high school teacher at Kipp Academy and was arrested at the school today. His bond is set at $100,000.

Two Nashville educators, Metro officer charged after sexual abuse investigation (

Have them go through the legal system and if found guilty and incarcerated, they should be sent to prison among the other convicts, no solitary confinement for their safety.

Whatever happens, happens and whomever makes it happen should get a reduction in sentence or at least commissary privileges.

Once word get out you diddle a minor, you are going to pay the piper inside prison, I believe incidents like this will drop some.

Let’s do it for the Children!

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By Miguel.GFZ

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6 thoughts on “We need to reduce sentencing on convicts taking care of pedophiles.”
  1. Quick question – does any other parent here allow their teen and pre-teen children to spend the night at another adult’s house, such as a teacher, preacher, etc.? I mean, my kids spent the night with their friends and stuff, but not at an adult’s house with no other kids present. How the hell does that even come into the picture?

    Just like with the Michael Jackson mess, I think some blame has to go back to parents not being parents. I mean, really? You want to spend the night at your band director’s house? I’d have some serious questions if my kid ever wanted to do that. Questions I’d put to the band director’s face in pretty direct fashion.

    Of course, I’m sure there’s more to the story and the whole innocent until proven guilty thing too.

    1. Likely the kid didn’t have much of a home life, and the abusers took advantage of that.

  2. Also: Don’t hire people who adopt names like “marvelous”, regardless of the spelling, to work with kids.

  3. Pedo’s won’t have to worry about going to prison once the dems legalize pedophilia and even malice it legal to have sex with a child so long as the child is “consenting” and make it illegal to stop a pedophile from doing things a pedophile does. After all the democrats and leftists need to protect themselves somehow.

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