That man was a great prognosticator.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “We owe Joseph McCarthy an apology”
  1. I wish the old line Roosevelt Democrats would open their eyes and see the Modern Democrat Party is now ancient, doddering, bribe accepting, corrupt corporate fascists, or Pro-Marxist Central Government Totalitarians.

    1. RD, I wish the oldline Roosevelt Democrats would finally acknowledge that Roosevelt was a piece of poop socialist elitist piece of garbage who did far more damage to this nation than Woodrow Wilson, another socialist elitist piece of garbage.

      Seriously, it was during Roosevelt’s reign of terror that the Soviets took over the State Department and infiltrated every other part of the government.

  2. The sad thing is McCarthy started his hunt using the State Department’s own internal investigation as to commies in the State Department, which led to investigations throughout the FedGov at the time.

    Yes, he was an ass. But he was right.

  3. Perfectly placed to literally loot the US Treasury.
    Tell me that whoever is running Joe Biden does not want to destroy the US and create a Glorious Communist Revolution.

  4. Is she still refusing to provide a copy of her thesis from Moscow University? The one about “Marxist economics” [sic]?

    If nothing else convinced people, that fact certainly should do it.

  5. In March 2021, TWENTY GOP Senators voted with the Democrats to confirm Merrick Garland as US Attorney General. This is how undependable our ‘conservative’ Senators are.

  6. She’s the worst possible choice for Comptroller of the Currency, if we want to maintain a Constitutional Republic running a mostly-capitalist economy.

    But … that’s par for the course for Biden’s nominees.

    The nominee for Attorney General, charged with overseeing justice for all, is extremely partisan and will gladly deny justice to half the nation’s citizens.

    The nominee for the position overseeing public lands has eco-terrorist ties and would bar citizens from using those lands.

    The nominee for the position overseeing the firearms industry believes firearms should be banned and the private gun industry shut down permanently.

    And now, the nominee for the position overseeing the currency and banking, openly wants to bankrupt whole industries and nationalize all deposit accounts.

    In all cases, we’d be hard-pressed to find a worse pick … unless the goal was not to maintain America, but to destroy it. As time passes, I find that particular conspiracy theory increasingly credible.

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