Los Angeles street gangs are behind brazen robberies in which people are followed home from fancy locations, stripped of a fortune in jewelry or other goods and sometimes shot, police said Tuesday.

At least 17 gangs, most of them based in South Los Angeles, have independently staged robberies, sometimes using spotters to target people wearing high-end watches or driving expensive cars, Capt. Jonathan Tippet, who spearheads an LAPD “follow-home robbery” task force, told the city Police Commission.

As many as five carloads of people have followed home some targets, swarming them to steal watches, handbags or cars before they have much of a chance to resist, Tippet said.

Los Angeles street gangs are attacking people leaving high-end areas in brazen “follow-home” robberies, police say – CBS News

Am I the only one who thinks about renting a super car, wear fake ostentatious jewelry and lead one of these caravans of “yutes” into a nice ballistic behavior modification area filled with friend with the appropriate toys?

I know hunting criminals over bait is illegal.

By the way, tell me again why I do not need a semi auto rifle with several high-capacity magazines?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “We would approach this scenario differently”
  1. I don’t disagree that being armed would help.

    But armed or unarmed, if this is happening in your area, my suggestion is don’t go straight home.

    Stop at a Starbucks or someplace for dessert or coffee. Go to a grocery store and pick up milk.

    Waste an hour of the robbers’ time. There is a chance that they will break off stalking you and follow someone else home because the more thay have to trail you the more likely they will be noticed.

  2. We are rapidly devolving (at least in the blue metropolises) into a feudal society where the rich live in fortified enclaves guarded by loyal knights armed with the latest weapons, largely independent of the rule of law.

  3. J. kB,

    Make a few extra turns, maybe go through a parking lot or three, and see what, if anyone is following you? Know where all your police stations / precincts are located, and call ahead so they can prepare a proper reception. Or arrange with the police to lead them down a long dead end road. One near me is 1/2 mile long and leads to a lake with 6 high end properties. Perfect spot to bottle up even 4 or 5 trailing cars by blocking the only exit road.

    1. Driving to the police precincts might work, if they still exist, and are staffed by people who are interested in leaving the building.

  4. Pro Tip: To avoid the legal complications that ensued for Bernie Goetz, just yell “Help! Help! Police!” like Kitty Genovese.

  5. Yall are assuming these elites actually have an once of situational awareness….. how the F do you miss FIVE cars following you???? I would drive around for hours or find a cop car and pull over and talk to the cop..we are well armed here, shiite like this dont happen here

  6. Being armed might help in some situations, but 5 carloads of dirtbags? I think they are using tactics they think will work, given their target. Following people home works with your oblivious well-to-do types. But if they want what you have, we have seen other examples of boxing people in. With multiple attackers, being armed might not the equalizer we think it is. Best thing to do would be not to flaunt your money….don’t drive a a fancy car, don’t flash your bling. Situational awareness.

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