By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Meme”
  1. This was supposed to be an ‘influencer’ hired to convince people to vaccinate. Now the spin is that it’s all right wing redneck racists who aren’t getting the shots. What target market did they think they were going to attract w/ this individual?

  2. IS this when Trudeau visited the WH? I’ve seen whatever that is in the picture pop up recently but honestly don’t know if it’s a comedian, a spokesthing, Trudeau, or something else. Looks like Trudeau in this picture.

  3. It’s not Trudeau. Tantiv has the right of it (although for an ‘influencer’ I have no idea who this… person is).

    I can’t even get mad at the Taliban. Hell, if I was in their shoes I’d have been ‘Look at this, Achmed! They’re standing there with their pants down! Let’s go for it and take the whole country!’.

    I may not like the bastards but they’re not idiots.

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