I’ve been watching the Peter Strzok Congressional testimony.

Naturally, Gowdy and Strzok have been trending on Twitter.

So what I witnessed was evidence that Strzok had an anti Trump prejudice.  He said and texted things during the investigation that if a regular cop said during an investigation and were found out, a good attorney could get the charges against the defendant dropped.  If a judge said stuff like that, he’d have to recuse himself.

It seemed plainly obvious to me that Strzok is lying about … everything.

More than a year and a half later, there is still no evidence that Russia conspired with Trump to win the election.  Nothing was presented before Congress.  Nothing that I have seen at all.

No one has even explained to me what “Russian collusion” is, other than it sounds ominous.

The whole thing was insane.  Democrat Congressman Steve Cohen said that he wanted to give Strzok a purple heart for being a hero and having to deal with Gowdy’s questions.  Democrat Congresswoman Bonnie Coleman blamed Strzok for getting an “illegitimate president elected.”  Congressional Democrats applauded Strzok for criticizing Trump during his testimony.

Strzok admitted that his desire to “stop it” was a response to Trump’s criticism of Khizr Khan.  This is an admission that he wanted to use his unique authority to damage the electoral chances of Donald Trump over partisan politics.  He is being praised for this.

If you go on Twitter, coverage of the testimony turns into the upside-down.

Strzok’s mendacious rant was compared favorably to the climax of an Aaron Sorkin script.

I have lost count of the number of references I’ve seen to Trey Gowdy wearing a Klan hood or engaging incest.

The unanimous opinion on the Left’s social media is that Strzok is a hero and totally destroyed Gowdy.

Also that the GOP is owned by Russia and they are all Putin’s puppets.

America is looking at ranking FBI agents engaged in the most over-the-top prejudicial back-and-forth criticizing and seemingly wanting to undermine the person they are tasked with investigating.

On one side, this is evidence of bias that calls into question the legitimacy of the entire investigation and is justification for making the whole thing transparent.

On the other, the FBI agents are patriots and heroes out to defeat an illegitimate usurper of power and everybody questioning the hero is a racist, traitor that sides with Russia.

There is no middle here.  We have crossed the Rubicon.  We’re done.  There is no coming back from this.  It’s all over except for the shooting.

I think it is time we peacefully end the United States of America.

End the Manafort investigation.  No matter what the evidence is, half of America won’t believe it anyway.

Let’s draw up borders for three nations, The Pacific Coast from LA to the Canadian boarder, DC to Maine including the east half of Pennsylvania, and then the rest of Middle America and the South.

Then we can create a grace period to allow for mass migration to let people move to which America they want, and we can start all over.

This seems to be the least terrible outcome.






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By J. Kb

33 thoughts on “We’re done, let’s divide up the nation”
  1. Strzok and lying piece of shit can be used in the same set. There is a very dangerous precedent being set if this asshole isn’t prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If this does not happen then we are no better than a totalitarian shithole.

    1. “The defense team in the 1955 trial had questioned whether the body was that of Till. In 2004, Till’s body was exhumed and positively identified. Till’s original casket was then donated to the Smithsonian Institution and it is displayed in the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

      After Milam and Bryant were acquitted, they initially remained in Mississippi, but were boycotted, threatened, attacked and humiliated by local residents. Milam died in 1980 at the age of 61, and Bryant died in 1994 at the age of 63. Bryant expressed no remorse for his crime and stated: “Emmett Till is dead. I don’t know why he just can’t stay dead.”

      I guess the Feds are going to have to dig up the dead bodies of Milam and Bryant too if they want to prosecute them? Maybe they will go after their families, Bill of Attainder be damned.

  2. That won’t do.

    The lefties and sjws that live in middle America will not move to the pacific coast. They will spend their lives trying to turn middle America into the pacific coast.

    I know this, because the ones who move to Nashville from New Jersey constantly complain and agitate to make Nashville more like New Jersey rather than just fucking moving back to New Jersey!

    1. Pennsylvania is like it is now because of 3 things…Philly area, Pittsburgh…and everyone who moved to Pa from NY and NJ cause they hated it, and forgot to leave their liberal politics in NY and NJ…the Poconos has become a melting pot, Pa is like a micro cos-om Of the US…with Pitts, the west coast and Philly , NY NJ. and the rest of PA flyover country.

      1. You are correct. I was was born in Philly and lived there to the age of 32. Moved to a rural county in central PA 40 years ago. I would not now live in Philly even if you gave me a free house in posh section. Two different political cultures. I know them both. My fear is that my county would fall just to the east of the author’s line in dividing the state. I would have to pack up and move a couple of counties westward.

    2. We’re just glad they haven’t spread out from Knoxville yet (they’re working on doing the same thing to Knoxville that they did to Memphis and are doing in Nashville). Lucky for us they don’t seem to like mountain folk… 😉

    3. Point well taken. True story: I live in a rural Pennsylvania county that went Republican by three to one in 2016. I met a woman, a Democrat, who was near hysteria after the election. Referring to Trump voters, she screamed, “Who are these people! I want to chop off their heads!” I didn’t tell I am a Republican and would like to keep my head, such as it is. I gently asked a few questions. Turns out she does not have a single Republican friend or acquaintance, not one, even though she lives in a Republican county and is surrounded by Republicans. Astonishing. The political dividing lines are not only geographical.

  3. I’m ok with it as long as upstate NY is included in middle America. We have nothing in common with New Englanders/downstaters.

    1. And this is why a peaceful split is literally impossible. There are no natural division points.

  4. I just read an article about Gohmert’s questioning of Strzok, in which he pointed at Strzok’s infidelity as an indication he’s good at lying. Strzok thought that was unreasonable, apparently, and so did Democrats.
    I’ve thought about this a bit in the past, for example when reading about French politicians who openly keep a mistress and find it odd that Americans don’t approve of such a thing. But the reason is pretty simple: marriage is a promise, often a promise before God. So is your Oath of Office. Is it reasonable to gauge your willingness to keep one of these promises by seeing whether you keep the other one? I think it is.

  5. Oh come on! I live in eastern PA. I don’t want to yave to move. Let them have Philly and the counties that touch it. The rest is mostly still salvageable.

  6. Hhhhmmm, I think I mumbled something along these lines in an older comment… my long range plans are to move to N WESTERN georgia. The coast of Maine has become THE place for people with more money than sense to move to. Portland our biggest city is run by leftists. However out of 1.3 million there are a shitload of hunters and weird guys like me. We have permitless carry( Im tired,cant spell constitutional) and gun owners of Maine has almost 40k members. We went to the capital a bit ago cause the anti gunners had a “big” protest planned.there was like 15-20 of them We all wore orange and cammo. There was over 50 of us.The republican led commitee dragged all the gun owners into the committee room and gave us a standing ovation,made us introduce ourselves. Many of the GOME members shouted down the antigun crowd. The govs veto of the “redflag” bill got sustained 2 days ago. Lots of moonbats here, I just call it a taget rich enviroment. Peace

  7. It may not be so simple. My liberal mother has proclaimed him to be a hero fighting against Russia meddling in our government. She watches MSNBC 6-8 hours a day straight. So as you would expect is too far gone to talk to anymore about politics. Everyone and anyone not MSNBC or CNN who reports on the news is controlled by Russia. To her literally every single solitary independent conservative commentator on YouTube are getting orders from Putin. She yesterday told me the Steele dossier which is known to be bullshit by now is 100% absolute truthful and accurate and everyone and anyone who says it is not is a Russian agent. When pressed she says they will have trump impeached and imprisioned as: “investigations take time. You know how l how long the watergate investigation took?” It’s how she rationalizes since they have nothing on Trump. But she’s a true believer so all information contrary to what she thinks is fake news coming from Russia. She thinks the tax cuts WILL take away her pension, social security and Medicade even though it’s already law and hasn’t happened. Imagine an antifa in a 70+ year old body that can barely walk. When you bring up leftist violence she says if the Republicans cant take the heat they should get out of the kitchen to justify it. So my mother is by now completely radicalized. She thinks that Trump supporters should be harassed and if you find on out in public they should b beaten to death by mobs or shot or stabbed to Death. Yet she can tell me with a straight face sh does not hate them but wants them all dead. I despise MSNBC for what they did to my mother.

    1. Shawn,
      You have my sincerest sympathies for having to deal with your radicalized Mom. It probably won’t do any good to point out the irony that the “progressive democratic socialists” are just Communists in disguise, so why would the Communists want Trump in power?

  8. JKB,

    I was going to point out that there would be a lot of dissenters in each state, but a reading of all of the comments covers that. Three sections won’t do it. Five? Nine? Fifty? of course not. Who wants to move? Will they be compensated? Well, of course we know that this was just a bit of rhetoric on your part.

    Wasn’t it?

    1. TX was a republic before it was a state and it will after the rest of the country implodes… I do worry about the rest of the country, but I moved here for a reason and *this* is that reason. Hope the rest of the country fairs better than I think it will.

  9. Fuck. That. Shit. Why should the lefties be left with anything? If they want to divide up the Country they can suck my ass. What they really deserve is .32 cent bullet in the back of the skull.

  10. Mexico elected a socialist/communist governor. If leftists want to live in utopia, it’s as near as crossing south across the Rio Grande.

    1. I wonder how the Mexican authorities will deal with illegal immigrants. Oh, I just remembered! My friend went to Mexico one time (40 years ago). There were no guards on the Mexican side of the border, so he just kept on going. He was in La Paz when someone questioned him about something. The La Paz police were called. He did not have a visa, and he explained that there was no one at the border station. It Did Not Matter. He was arrested and put it a filthy jail with no bedroll, no blanket, but plenty of company: Lice, fleas, rats, etc. He couldn’t pay for decent food (since his money was impounded) so all he got was maggot-infested beans. He was incarcerated for 2 weeks before he was allowed a phone call. His family had to pony up many $$$, and then they deported him. He was told never to come back. They didn’t have to tell him twice.

      I wish all of the ICE protesters would be able to enjoy similar hospitality of the Mexican police.

  11. Another possible solution is to make major population centers (perhaps metros of a million or more) city states and allow the remaining areas to self aggregate according to their own needs.
    This would more evenly balance economic power. Cities have the population necessary to support advanced civilization, but spread the risks of social pathology and cost unfairly to their rural support systems. Rural areas provide food, water, electricity, minerals and oil, not to mention vast areas of wilderness, but their isolation tends to lead to stagnation, poor job opportunities for their young.
    Perhaps a return to authentic states rights and federalism could balance the political power. We have plenty of smart people to figure out how that could work.
    Simple balkanization would lead to an irreversible loss of world power. Do you really want China teaming up with Iran and the other crazies?

    1. If you look at a county by county political map of Pennsylvania it generally plays out the way you say, so I agree overall. We would however part company with regard to cities being centers of “advanced civilization”. Philly is an utterly corrupt crime-ridden shithole. Yes, you have lib-hipsters gentrifying certain sections, but as soon as they marry and pop out that first designer baby hipster they bolt for the burbs or even the deplorable counties like mine. Why? The “advanced civilization” of Philly, like most cities, has a school system that no parents in their right minds would inflict upon their kids.

    2. Unfortunately, the desire to be left alone is seldom an incentive for a stronger power to leave you alone. Look at Ancient Greece. The city-states wanted to be left alone, but more powerful city-states randomly declared war on less powerful city-states on a more-or-less regular basis. There was intermittent turmoil that forced alliances to be created. What happened? An outside power, the Persian Empire, decided to conquer the mish-mash of Greek city-states, and only the alliance of all of the states prevented disaster, and the consignment of Greece to the trash-heap of history.
      Moral of the story is that the Greek city-states were lucky.
      We have little information on the unlucky small societies that were conquered by the likes of the Egyptians, the Hittiites, the Persians, and others.
      What is the lesson for the USA? If we Balkanize into 10 or 50 small political units, eventually a large power will come along and gobble us up. That is the lesson of history.
      The moral is, we need to keep our country united and strong.
      Unfortunately, it is going to be an uphill battle.

  12. “If a judge said stuff like that, he’d have to recuse himself.” If a judge said stuff like that, he would have to resign. It’s not just stupidity and arrogance, it is brutal animus against a Presidential candidate. A judge who expressed such feelings would plainly be unfit for his job. Ditto an FBI agent.

  13. For good or ill, or even civil war, we are one nation, not three fragments.
    Yes, we must root out the worst of the statists amongst us.
    But we cannot abandon the rest of the world to tyrants or would-be empires.
    We are heirs to the Anglosphere, built upon Judeo-Christian morality and Greco-Roman culture.

    1. I have to slightly disagree. I do believe, as I write elsewhere, that we must remain a United country or face the consequences of evil Governments attempting to take over the former United States.

      However, I have to disagree that we are founded on Judeo-Christian values. In a sense, our Republic is much greater than that. That is why the United States is the premier Nation in the world, because of the separation of Church and State. A little history is in order, if you will bear with me for a few moments:

      Most of our Founders were Deists, who did not believe in the Divine Right of Kings. That is why they did not quail at the thought of opposing King George III. To them, King George was not God’s representative on Earth, but just another man with power. Read carefully the Declaration of Independence. They knew what they were doing. They were not only opposing the King of England, but the Church of England that blessed and gave authority to the King.

      The Founders actually had the gall to say that governments are instituted by Men, not by God. It’s in our Founding Documents.

      One of the things that sparked our Revolution in the first place was the Age
      of Enlightenment. Remember, Kings were Crowned by the Church, and the
      Divine Right of Kings was sacrosanct. How could the Founding Fathers have
      even considered rebelling against King George III, unless it was because
      they didn’t believe in the Divine Right of Kings? The Declaration
      of Independence places Kingship squarely where it belongs: as an
      institution of Men, not God.

      The Founders were well educated, and they were certainly aware of
      all of the philosophical discussions of the Age of Enlightenment.

      Up until the Age of Enlightenment, any statements that even hinted that there might be some Truths other than those which the Church had proclaimed had long been suppressed by the Church, under threat of torture and execution.

      The burning of witches and the Inquisition were wholly accepted and even applauded in those dark days. Every State had apostasy laws.

      I don’t think that any American alive today would want to go back to those dreadful times of hideous torture of humans because of their religious
      beliefs or lack thereof. If there are any people like that out there today, they
      are certainly not true Americans, who abide by the Constitution and the Bill
      of Rights.

      The Reformation thinkers and all of the other churchmen and philosophers from the 16th and 17th centuries had gradually pried open the doors that the philosophers of the 18th century went through.

      A brilliant summary is called “The Age of Reason,” by Thomas Paine. Regardless of the backlash against Paine by believers, his book was very popular. Long before Paine published “The Age of Reason,” however, many of the Founding Fathers were Deists along these lines, having read great
      philosophers such as David Hume on this subject.

      Anyone who cares to look at the Declaration, the Constitution, and
      the Bill of Rights will see that the words “Jehovah,” “Jesus,” “Christ,”
      “Christian,” “Bible,” and “worship” are NOT included anywhere.

      The word “Lord” appears one time: “…in the Year of our Lord one thousand
      seven hundred and Eighty seven…” and it’s not a reference to religion:
      it’s just the formal way of writing “1787 A.D.”

      The word “God” is in this one single passage from the Declaration of
      Independence and shows the only reference to God in any of these documents:
      “…the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of
      Nature’s God entitle them,…” This passage is, and was intended to be, a
      direct slap at the Church of England, whose doctrine held that the King was
      not equal to his subjects, because he was ordained by God to be King.

      The Declaration held that God didn’t ordain anybody, in other words. It
      pointedly, and with much deliberation, does NOT say Christ, Christian,
      Jesus, or Jehovah, but “Nature’s God.” This is exactly what a Deist would
      say. This is supremely telling, since it would have been well known to all
      readers of the Declaration that Deists believed that men had written the
      Bible, not God, and that there was no need for organized religion, since
      observation of Nature was evidence enough of a Creation.

      By deliberately keeping all references to religion except this one OUT of
      all of these documents, the Founding Fathers wanted to ensure separation of
      Church and State: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment
      of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…” The word
      “religion” thus appears only one time, in the First Amendment of the Bill of
      Rights. That is the only instance of the word “religion” in any of these

      Thus, when one looks at the history of the Founding of the United States,
      one can see that an official religion and even religious preference was
      consciously and deliberately kept OUT of the official Founding documents.
      America was not founded on the principles of Christianity or any other
      religion. It was deliberately kept “religion free.” Note that the 10
      Commandments are not even referred to, since half of them are only concerned
      with religious obedience.

      Of course, ever since the establishment of the United States, there have
      been many leaders and prominent people who have tried to impress their stamp
      of religion on the country, with varying degrees of success.

      Making “In God We Trust” the official motto of the United States didn’t
      happen until 1956. With similar timing, the insertion of “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance was carried out in 1954. However, neither of these two references are distinctly Christian. It is likely that these acts were a response to the Godless Communists during the Red Scare and the Cold War.

      (For completeness, let me add: When a challenge was made that the motto violated the First Amendment, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled: “It is quite obvious that the national motto and the slogan on coinage and currency ‘In God We Trust’ has nothing whatsoever to do with the establishment of religion. Its use is of patriotic or ceremonial character and bears no true resemblance to a governmental sponsorship of a religious exercise.”)

      I trust that I have made my case that the Founding Fathers very carefully
      excluded religion from the founding of our Country.

      They didn’t ban it, but, tellingly, they didn’t endorse it.

      They specifically kept all religions, and especially any specific religion, out of the establishment of the governance of the Country. I personally think that this is yet another example of how lucky we were to have that group of men, in that place, at that time. A country founded on strictly Christian principles, or any other specific religious principles, would not have survived, in my opinion.

      Since ancient times, the evil wrought in the name of religions worldwide has not been confined to any timeframe, region, or religion. Today, it is the Muslim terrorists who use their religion as the impetus behind their heinous acts. But no religion, anywhere, is guiltless of having persecuted and killed its opponents.

      Even in our time, there are many terrible actions made by many non-Muslims in the name of their respective religions. Remember the Irish Troubles.

      I think our Founding Fathers were wise indeed to do their best to keep
      religion out of politics.

      1. Very thoughtful and intelligent comments. I feel as if the two sides are now so far apart as to be speaking different languages and truly seeing different realities. Not sure where we go from here.

        1. Right! Seeing different realities. Like the saying, “I reject your reality, and substitute my own!”
          I am not sure where we go from here, either. I would like to believe, however, that the majority of the radical leftists are not really thinking things through on their own. The leaders, I believe, truly believe their nonsense, and will not change. Our only hope is to try to convince those people on the margins that the leftist ideology is bereft of any rationality or logic. If we can show those on the margins that the leftist emperors have no clothes, we may have a fighting chance.

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