This is the Michigan AG:

Remember that during the height of the lockdowns, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has aisles of “non-essential” items like pait, seeds, and Easter candy blocked off with caution tape at hardware stores and big box retailers.

She forbade people who had multiple homes (guys with hunting or fishing cabins up north) from traveling between them.

She blocked people from leaving their homes and going to work.

She refused to give up her emergency powers once it was clear her emergency powers were not helping.

She acted like an absolute tyrant.

If you are a patriotic American who hates tyrants, you need to fly to Ukraine and die fighting Russians.

If you don’t, it will be assumed that you are a coward and a traitor who supports Putin because you voted for Trump and watch Fox News.

This is the American version of yesterday’s worst take.

The Democrats are going to use Ukraine as a cudgel to bash Americans saying effectively that anyone who opposed their policies is a coward and a traitor unless they volunteer to fight Russians overseas.

I told you their moral compass was still broken.

It’s an ugly and obnoxious position and I can’t wait for it to backfire on them.


This is now the narrative out of Canada:


I.e., don’t complain about the erosion of your freedoms here while Russia is invading Ukraine.

This is the misdirection they will use.

This narrative is starting in Canada but it will be the dominate one in the US as well.


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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “What did I say about Democrats using Ukraine as a cudgel – Update”
  1. My response to this alleged human is:

    “Why would we need to go to Ukraine to fight tyrants? There are plenty to fight right here.”

  2. The left to the right:
    1 You are bitter clingers
    2 You are deplorables
    3 You are filthy racists
    4 You are homophobic jerks
    5 You science deniers deserve to die
    6 Why won’t you go fight Russia for us while we stay home and watch you on CNN? Cowards!

    1. Well, I posted the above reply and promptly received an indefinite ban from Twitter. To be reinstated, I have to admit I was wrong. I refuse to admit an untruth.

  3. Yup. Entirely predictable: there’s a war on (even if it’s not our war); ergo, anything short of enthusiastic and unconditional support for the Exalted Leader’s entire agenda is treason.
    Also, there’s no possible reading of the First Amendment under which standing outside a burning theater warning people of the conflagration within could be considered protected speech.

  4. Democrats seem to instinctively walk in lockstep. I am surprised at Republicans blindly following propaganda.

    I have relatives on both sides of Ukraine-Russian border. Luckily, do not have anybody in Donbass Region anymore. Unluckily, have some in current battle zones.

    I blame 2014 coup, which overthrew legitimately elected, Russia-oriented, though, of course, corrupt (are not they all there?) president. I blame Nuland, Obama, CIA and the rest of democratic ilk and warmongering neocons. Add NATO, EU etc. who keep to treaties and promises only when it is convenient for them.

    I will leave these old links here, may be some one will bother try to look through the fog of current propaganda of “crazy Putin”.

    PS. I was startled hearing last week Zelenski saying they will get nuclear weapons now. The problem is, it is not an idle threat. They have know how, manufacturing facilities and Chernobil. They can do it in a timely manner. Does anybody in the West really want a nuclear Ukraine?

  5. So, AG Nessel did exactly what to help during the [probably] unConsitutional shutdown in MI?

    That’s what I thought.

    Nice job using “…assault weapons …”. It’s not like you’re the top LE person in the state. Oh, wait…

  6. So China/Russia/Ukrainian Oligarch owned Joe shuts down U.S Pipelines, federal oil and gas leases, and OKs the Russians building a pipeline to supply oil and gas to Northern Europe. F’s up the withdrawal from Afghanistan, purges the “wrong think” from the military, gives our intelligence on Russia to China who promptly forwards it to Putin and Obama and Biden who pushed to separate the Orthodox Church of the Ukraine from the Russian Orthodox Church. But it’s Trump and Trump voters that encouraged the Russians to invade Ukraine. FJB

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