What happens after the first Tuesday in November

I thought my last post on Kavanaugh was so over the top that it couldn’t be taken seriously.

I was wrong.

NBC is reporting that there is a fourth accuser that the Senate needs to seriously look into.

It is an anonymous letter sent about  accusing Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge raping an autonomous victim with on a boat in 1998, with no witnesses.

Additional background on the anonymous source of the letter indicate that the writer is clearly a crazy person.

Are you aware that on June 27th of this year, the account tweeted, “A question, when will the United States military decided to do what they have vowed and remove the domestic threat to the Constitution that lives in the White House?”

So you are not aware that on July 8th of this year, this account tweeted, “Dear Pentagon, please save my country from the parasite that occupies the White House. Our you waiting until Russians parachute in like in Red Dawn? Please help!”

That didn’t stop NBC from reporting on it like it is serious.

So here is where we are at.

Dr. Ford is scheduled to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  There is even money on her not showing up.  Unless she brings some sort of bombshell evidence, we are no better off than we are before.

Then there are the three other accusations in a chronological progression of increasing lack of credibility and sanity.

The tactic the Democrats have employed since the end of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing has been to slime the poor guy so badly that weak knee Republicans won’t vote to confirm him less they be criticized for being “rape apologists” in the war on women.

If the Senate fails to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court because they allowed themselves to be bullied by transparently fake accusations, they will lose badly in November.

Senator Lindsey Graham gets that.

Not just are the Democrats hoping to destroy Kavanaugh, they are hoping to take out the GOP control of the House and Senate with him.

A majority, or worse super-majority, of Democrats in Congress impeach Trump over “Russian collusion.”  Another baseless, evidence free, accusation that was meant to do nothing more than slander a man into unpopularity.

Trump is out.  Pence is in.  Pence is impeached becuase he was Trump’s running-mate and also a beneficiary of “Russian collusion.”

Early into 2019, President Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House is sworn in as President.

This is exactly what the Democrats want.  Maxine Waters has been screaming about it for weeks.

They ousted the Trump administration in two years, causing a total partisan reversal in the White House without a Presidential election.

Here is my question:

What happens the day after Nancy Pelosi is sworn in?

There were 63 Million people who voted for Trump and won the election according to the 230 year old rules of our system.

Are they supposed to just stick their hands in their pockets and say “ho hum, oh well… I guess that’s that now.”

Are Red States just expected to follow a president who took office by a means that could only be described as a procedural coup?

I know what the Democrat’s long ball was all about, them taking over.

What I don’t know is, will Middle America accept this, or will the shit hit the fan?



8 Replies to “What happens after the first Tuesday in November”

  1. There was a point in time (before Obama) that I would have said “A Supreme Court with a nice mix of ideologies is good, it will keep either side from going too far”.

    Those days are in the past. Confirm Kavanaugh. If RBG passes away or retires, I want another justice so conservative that they make Kavanaugh and Gorsuch look like hippies.

    I’ve read Sotomayor has diabetes and is already in poor health. If past 2020 Trump is still President and she goes, I want another arch conservative. Maybe Ted Cruz. I want an ultra right Supreme Court for decades to come.

    Gone are the days of cooperation and amity. The left has gone scorched earth, and unfortunately you can only fight fire with fire in this case.

  2. What needs to happen is obvious; what will happen not so much. If and when it starts, join in.

    I was hoping the lid would stay on long enough for me to die in peace, but my prospects for dying in bed are diminishing rapidly.

  3. Seriouslydoubt anything would happen if Trump and Pence were impeached, and Pelosi sworn in. I say thisbased on nothing happening to counter the wackjobs assaulting our country now. There is no movement to counter the so called ‘resistance’, there will never be a right wing movement that gets as large as the womans march. When conservatives try to organize rallies/marches, they continually fail because people don’t get off their duffs.

    1. @Cubby

      There’s no movement to counter the resistance because our side is running the show right now. Most of the country sees those people for what they are – raving left wing lunatics who are storming around DC and other urban sewers, mostly spewing hot air with the occasional ANTIFA goon getting physical. Not to mention many of them are being paid for their actions, something that will never happen with people on the right.

      I understand your cynicism, but a hypothetical situation in which Trump and Pence are removed via a soft coup (which in turns leads to Gorsuch and Kavanaugh being removed from the bench) is going to end only one way – violently. And it wouldn’t even be totally on account of those people being removed. Think about what the Democrats, in full control of the country, are going to do. They will be invincible if this happens. The rule of law will be utterly cast aside. Second amendment? Gone, within months, but probably weeks. Open borders. Illegal aliens given full voting rights and amnesty – all of them. Radical, socialist progressives installed on the SCOTUS. Full throated socialism for America. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

      People are lazy and complacent, but there are simply millions of Americans who aren’t going to stand for a future like this.

  4. Trump is out. Pence is in. Pence is impeached becuase he was Trump’s running-mate and also a beneficiary of “Russian collusion.”

    Early into 2019, President Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House is sworn in as President.

    The day After that, the shooting starts. It will be open season on the liberal scum that is destroying our country. You don’t have enough ammo.

  5. Perhaps it’s time to re-read “What I saw at the Coup”, a short story by Matthew Bracken (in “The Bracken Anthology”, a fine collection).
    One nice detail is that he described the events in the story as “the Putsch”, a deliberate choice of synonym.

  6. A lot of Republicans hate trump and they would gladly destroy their own party to hurt him. I bet Flake Will ruin the whole thing. I think what’s happening here is the Republicans; the never Trumper‘s are going to literally sabotage their own party’s chances to hurt Trump. They know this. They would rather have the Democrats in power then themselves as a way to take Trump down. Because Trump represents the people that voted for him and they hate the voter. Too Democrats and Republicans we are just resources. We are not people. We’re people in the sense that we are supposed to be slaves to them and there corporate masters and our lives don’t matter. Since our lives don’t matter of course our votes, Opinions, all of that doesn’t matter. I have said before that the Democrats would probably be perfectly willing to use nuclear weapons on United States soil against United States citizens to literally kill 150 million people in United States to get all of our guns and forces under their power because they hate us THAT much. But then you have to understand they don’t view as as people. We are just cattle to them. We are not supposed to have a say in our own lives.

    When it gets to cartridge box time and United States government starts killing there citizens including nuclear holocaust thing their own citizens, I mean cattle, because things get too out of hand expect MSNBC and CNN to have a collective orgasm as well as most of the Democrats as they flee to New Zealand.

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