The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was inevitable.

Long-time readers of this blog will know that I have been saying for years that our nation-building efforts in Afghanistan are wasted.

First, I need to point out, that the military does not do nation-building.  The military kills people and blows shit up.  Nation-building happens after the military is victorious.  We had to win WWII to make the Marshall Plan possible.

Yes, the military may be needed to maintain peace, but a permanent victory in Afghanistan was never achieved.

That isn’t the fault of the boots on the ground in Afghanistan.  I want to make that clear.

A study of Afghanistan reveals that it is a country made up of clans and tribes that generally hate each other.

The Soviets and the British before them failed to conquer and nation-build in Afghanistan for the same reason we failed.

It is a land of tribal goat-herding, boy-raping, savage, sectarian tribal violence, and it has been that way for 3,000 years.

The only unifying force that was successful in overcoming that tribal conflict was tyrannical Islam.

That is what the Taliban is, tyrannical Islam.

The only way to prevent the Taliban re-capturing of Afghanistan was a permanent US military presence.  There wasn’t enough training we could provide the Afghani Army to shift thousands of years of culture and get disparate tribes to come together as a unified fighting force willing to fight for unified Afghanistan.

I have said repeatedly that if we ever pulled out of Afghanistan, there would be bloodshed in our wake and we will need to accept that or accept that we will never pull out.  Those are our only choices.

Bush knew this, Obama knew this, Trump for all his bluster knew this, Biden was the senile old patsy with a legacy that could be sacrificed to an Afganistan pullout.

I knew this was coming.  So why am I so pissed?

#Afghanistan: This seems to be happening everywhere as the Taliban seize most of the country, but just a sample of the weapons seized in #Herat. Literally hundreds of M4s, M249, M240, as well as PK(M)s, RPGs, and much other assorted materiel.

— Cᴀʟɪʙʀᴇ Oʙsᴄᴜʀᴀ (@CalibreObscura) August 14, 2021

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We armed and equipped the Taliban with advanced weapons and vehicles.  What they cannot use themselves they will sell for cash to Iran or China to be reverse-engineered.

We left Afghanistan with a Taliban that are now experienced veterans at fighting and defeating advanced Western armies and with US taxpayer-provided weapons.

These weapons will be used against the US or our allies.  They will be smuggled into Europe or elsewhere.

You will see them used in terrorist attacks.

That is what we did.  We created a Taliban that is stronger now than when we arrived.

Our leadership should have seen this coming and pulled every last penny’s worth of equipment and tech on our way out, but they didn’t.

They left it all to be used against us in the future.

That is a level of incompetence that is unforgivable.

That is why I’m so pissed at what happened in Afghanistan.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “What honestly pisses me off about what’s going on in Afghanistan”
  1. Consolation: anything we provided to the Afghan Army was already sold to China months ago.

  2. They spent more time on Pride planning than they did on contingencies if things went sideways during the pullout (per Ian Miles Cheong).

    I find that entirely plausible.

  3. Have we considered that this outcome was planned for and expected? I mean, it seems like every decision made coming out of this administration is predicated by how much making it will hurt America, the middle class, or both.

    1. Unless they have an ironclad cheating system to secure the next election so they can win 100% of the seats, the Dems can count on losing both houses badly.
      So no, I do believe they were whishing upon unicorn farts when they decided to do this and many other things. Dogma is running things, not reality or common sense.

  4. The WSJ front page shows a photo of Taliban driving into Kabul — in a HMMWV.

    China has been actively supporting the Taliban recently, and the Taliban has been happy to accept that support. Two conclusions: (1) the Taliban are much more interested in totalitarian power than in Islam, which is just a tool to fool the masses, and (2) China is doing this to test the US in preparation for the conquest of Taiwan.

  5. That fixed wing turboprop aircraft on the left side split screen is an Embraer Super Tucano, the A-29, which USA graciously delivered to AFG forces over the last five years. So we may have donated up to 26 of these at $10-20M/per to the Taliban.

    Good job.

  6. Hanlon’s razor plays into this.

    “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”

    I have repeatedly said that your average leftist has the reasoning capabilities of a toddler. “Let’s just give all the homeless people a place to stay.” or “$5 a gallon gas is good for you.” or “A thin piece of fabric over your nose and mouth will protect everyone from the deadliest virus known to man.”

    Leftists are stupid. They have no ability to foresee the adverse consequences of their actions. It is, in their world, always going to work out just as they planned.

    And, when it doesn’t they blame everyone but themselves.

  7. “We armed and equipped the Taliban with advanced weapons and vehicles. What they cannot use themselves they will sell for cash to Iran or China to be reverse-engineered.”

    The last sentence of that quote neatly explains why PedoJoe’s chicom puppet administration deliberately left all that equipment behind.

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