What I gathered reading the tweetes from Liberals.

Women must get off the pill as fast as possible so they can get impregnated and then rush to have an abortion and then back on the pill before Kavanaugh makes it all illegal and makes them wear red capes and white bonnets.

And all has to be done by next Tuesday morning.

Ladies: Start your engines!


3 Replies to “What I gathered reading the tweetes from Liberals.”

  1. I guess for most of the screaming harpies I’ve seen on TV, artificial insemination would be required. 😀 Heading for the bunker now.

  2. It’s amazing how irrational and ignorant they are being. Even if Roe v. Wade was overturned, abortion wouldn’t be illegal, it would just be up to each state to decide. Instead, liberal women act as if they are living in that stupid Hulu show, “A Handmaid’s Tale” and that their very lives are at stake over the idea of taxpayer funded abortion.

    That said, I am single, and am no stranger to online dating. A vast majority (I’m talking probably over 90%) of the girls on those websites are liberals, and not just liberals, but angry liberals. Sadly, it seems all the conservative girls have been wifed up and there’s nothing left out there but furious socialist chicks who want to have abortions.

    1. Amazing, yes.

      Surprising? Sadly, not so much.

      Let’s face it, the average human gets a little bit of pleasure out of being righteously outraged. We see this in gun blogs and forums too. The difference is, I think, most pro-gun folks I know don’t seem to have addictive personalities (other than obsessively reading gun blogs…) so there’s no little gremlin on the shoulder saying “Be more outraged! Be angrier! You know you want to and it’ll feel so good!

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