I watched the live stream of the Florida Senate debate on the reinstatement of disgraced ex-sheriff Scott Israel and it was a horrendous shit-show.

For a while it was back-to-back Democrats talking and that was like watching an episode of The Twilight Zone where everybody knows a horrible truth but nobody is willing to say it out loud.

I agree with Hunter Pollack, the brother of MSD victim Meadow Pollack, that FL State Senator Lauren Brook was perhaps the biggest piece of shit of the entire dumpster circus.

She was on the Parkland Committee to investigate the shooting and chose to exonerate Scott Israel anyway.  Her argument was that blaming the Sheriff would exonerate the chicken shit Scot Peterson.

One Democrat, I forget which one, said that it would be unfair to blame an elected superior for the incompetence of one of their subordinates.

This proved, absolutely, that Democrats do not understand the meaning of the word “leadership.”

If the casualties on the third floor of Parkland shooting was the result of the chicken shit Scot Peterson running and hiding, in effect one deputy being a cowardly fuck-up, maybe the Democrats would have a point.

What every single one of them overlooked was that part of why the Governor kicked Scott Israel out of his position, and why the court upheld the decision, was not just the Parkland shooting but the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting the year prior.

The Sheriff’s Department bumble fucked the response to that shooting in 2017, and a year later made EXACTLY THE SAME MISTAKES in 2018 at Parkland.  And it wasn’t just the chicken shit Scot Peterson hiding, it was every singe responding deputy dilly-dallying and setting up a perimeter and not going in.  Clearly Scott Israel didn’t do anything to correct the failures of his department after the FLL which is why MDS was such a bloodbath.

One deputy fucking up in one shooting, once, is a fluke.

Every deputy fucking up in two consecutive shooting in two years is a catastrophic failure of leadership.

Also, Democrat after Democrat was very, gravely concerned about overriding the constitutional office of the position of Sheriff.  These are the same people who voted for gun control in the wake of Parkland.

They are fighting to protect the constitutional authority of one fuck-off Sheriff but have no qualms against infringing on the constitutional rights of 21.3 million Floridians.

It was a shameful display.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “What I learned watching the Scott Israel FL Senate Debate”
  1. It’s hard not to be a dick when commenting about former sheriff Scott “Amazing Leadership” Israel. So I’ll refrain from further comment.

  2. In addition, if your leadership is “amazing” (as in, GOOD), you don’t have to tell your audience.

    Similarly, if you are a hero, you do not have to tell folks. Generally, the heroic downplay their heroism. But we all know.

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