Holy fucking shit!

Martin Luther King Jr was perhaps the most important civil rights activist of the 20th Century.

George Floyd was a criminal who ODed under a cop during a traffic stop and who’s death was used to foment riots for the malicious and calculated purpose of making Donald Trump look bad.

I guess this is a Freudian slip by Biden that shows he doesn’t actually care about MLK or civil rights, but whatever helped take out Donald Trump was most important.

It must be his senility that caused him to admit that.

But seriously, what the actual fuck?!

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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “What the absolute f*ck is wrong with Biden”
  1. The death of MLK Jr. was almost 55 years ago, People under 60 have no freaking clue who MLK Jr. was, who led the fight for Civil Rights (hint: It was NOT THE DEMOCRATS!).

    The media and the Democrats do not even want to mention his actual speeches that emphasized Non-Violence and his most famous phrase that humanized Black People — “The Content of Their Character, Not the Color of Their Skin.”

    Democrat led Critical Race Theory is only about Skin Color. And us Whites are automatically classed as Racisty RACIST Haters, no matter our actual behavior.

  2. You mean, besides a raging case of senile dementia…?!?

    If it weren’t for Depends and pudding pops, he’d be pissing himself under a tarp in an alley somewhere by now after wandering away from the Alzheimer’s hospital.

  3. Brandon’s not wrong. (No, hear me out.)

    MLK, Jr.’s life and death were an immeasurable influence on civil rights, in America and around the world. But his death did not lead to year-plus violent riots and cities burning.

    George Floyd’s death did.

    Yes, the riots were based on a pack of lies — that GF was innocent, that he was murdered by police and did not die of self-induced fentanyl poisoning, that the police are categorically racist and out to kill black people, etc. — but riots they were, and the fact they were based on lies did nothing to lessen the damage (if anything, the lies made them worse). On top of that, race relations are more strained than ever.

    So MLK, Jr.’s death did not have the impact that GF’s death did. It would be equally correct to say that GF’s death did not have the impact that MLK, Jr.’s death did. Whether one or the other had an overall positive or negative impact on civil rights and race relations is another conversation.

    To be clear, I understand and agree with what you’re saying. But in raw, literal terms, Gropey Joe is simply (because that’s all he’s capable of) saying the two deaths led to very different outcomes, and in that he’s correct.

    1. There was no Internet when Martin Luther King, Jr. died. The Internet and MSM fueled international opinion re: George Floyd’s death. The impact of their deaths isn’t what is important. The important thing is the impact of their lives. MLK wasn’t perfect — no one is. But he was a great man with great vision.

      I was just a baby when he gave his I Have a Dream Speech, but I heard that speech repeated many times in my young life. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” I was the youngest of four children, and I wanted to be friends with his children. I wanted his dream to happen. And while I was very young when he died, I remember the sadness that enveloped the nation.

      MLK’s words will live on in history, and his dream lives on in the hearts of many of us fortunate enough to have heard them. There is no comparison.

  4. It is to the point that to blame his advanced age seems apolgetics. C’mon, man, do you not know his personal history? Look at his behavior of the last sixty years and tell me if today is any different.

    1. Precisely.
      To understand Biden you should think “machine politician”, like the people who fronted Tammany Hall. A machine politician is someone who is pretty stupid and pretty crooked, but has just enough brains to stay out of scandals too big to cover up, just enough charisma to get elected, and just enough integrity to follow orders after that point. He’s also someone who doesn’t every really do anything, makes no waves, leads no movements, takes no initiative.
      This perfectly describes Biden’s career. The real trouble is that while a machine politician can function to some extent in the legislature, and not be too overly damaging (if there aren’t too many of them), it’s quite hard for such a person to be an executive, and hardest of all to be President.

      1. The democrats put him in office simply because he would follow orders. Apparently, they didn’t reckon on his onset of senility.

        1. That, and they needed someone who would make vote fraud look at least semi plausible. Cackling Kamela, Bernie Brezhnev, Moneybags McBloomberg, Mayor Buttpump, Chief Walking Eagle, and the rest of the sorry lot of losers wasn’t it.

  5. Those comments probably came from some Gen Y/Millennial/Whatever that is more interested in equity than equality. pResident Burden is only mimicking what he heard.

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