Whatever happened to The Parkland Brats Bus Tour?

Apparently the March For Our Lives Bus Cult is out there and not making a lot of noise. I found an article in the Sun sentinel where they happened to drop by West Palm Beach at the Mar a Largo club and the picture of the group…well was not precisely the stuff you would expect from a well-organized “grassroots” organization.

After a bit more of googling, I found out that they were in Naples, Fl doing voting registration in the lobby of a local multiplex theater.


This is pitiful. Is what millions of dollars in Bloomberg money invested in teenagers came to be? This is almost as pitiful as a former presidential candidate doing a book sign at Costco.

Apparently they are in Dallas today according to their schedule. And after that they will engage other cities, but they are not being specific exactly where in those cities they will show up. My guess is they are afraid our people will show up and troll them merciless.

Hey, at least they are getting to see the country on Bloomie’s dime.


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