HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. – A group of brazen shoppers at a Family Dollar store on West Hallandale Beach Boulevard got away with tons of merchandise, but left some of the goods behind in the parking lot along with one of their accomplices.

They were all caught on camera parading in and out of the Family Dollar at 680 W. Hallandale Beach Boulevard and walking out with carts full of unpaid items, then packing up their car. They filled the cart, and the parked car, again and again. The clerk said they walked in and out of the store three or four times.

Brazen thieves go on free shopping spree at Family Dollar

If you click on the link, you will be taken to the source and can watch the video.

And then we have this one:

But hey, it is another victimless crime. Nothing lost according o this idiot.

Morals became an unhelpful burden and they were attacked till they were worn thin enough to get skin cancer. To walk into a Family Dollar and cart stuff away without pay just because hey can and probably gives you points with the rest of your buddies?  And to steal other people’s packages is an indication that we as  society do not care anymore for the value of things and the effort they represent. The items stolen did were not created in a Federation Starship’s Replicator but it involved investment and labor of many people who are now disrespected by a bunch of amoral imbeciles.  Moron Bodhi above is probably a young asshole who probably does not that medication is being mailed at homes as a convenience for those who can’t go easily to a pharmacy. The package was lost and it is a big deal for the sick person that need now to call his/her doctor or pharmacy, explain what happened, hope that they believe what happened and resupply the prescription needed to stay alive.

Let’s just hope the same does not happy to Bodhis Narcan order.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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3 thoughts on “What’s going on?”
  1. I am of the opinion that thieves, in lieu of jail time, should be locked in a soundproof room with their victim, a lacquered stick of hard wood, and 10 minutes where the law is moot.

    In case you couldn’t tell, I despise thieves.

  2. What’s going on?

    Easy. In CA, that woman faces no repercussions since the value was probably less than $950. In Hallendale, does anybody expect the police to investigate the crime? If they do track down the license plate, will the woman be arrested? What punishment will they get after a plea deal?

    Theft has become worth it from a cost balance perspective.

    There have always been garbage people with no morals or regard for their fellow man, but now they don’t have a fear of the law that used to keep the in line.

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