Fred Guttenberg suffered the life altering tragedy of losing his daughter in the Parkland shooting.

In his grief, he has become a real piece of shit.  Remember, he was the one who ambushed Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearing for a photo op.

He sent out this Tweet:

I don’t know what would cause a what CNN reports as a well respected deputy to commit a murder/suicide, but clearly he has some serious issues.

Fred Guttenberg is so wrapped up in his Left leaning ideology that all he can do is see this as a reason for “more people in schools with guns is not the answer.”

So if he doesn’t trust police to be armed, and his doesn’t trust teachers to be armed, what is his solution?

… Yeah, me neither.

I get it that he’s hurting, but right now all he’s doing is shitting on everyone and everything and has no rational idea how to solve a problem.

He needs to start sitting the issue of guns and school safety out until he can process his grief because he’s not helping anybody.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “When anti gun and anti cop colide”
  1. The poor fool thinks that if there were no guns there would be no problems. He has not thought far enough to realize that in a world with no guns in a weaponless enviroment the one who brings a blade is king. Even in countries where guns are near impossible to accquire school mass stabbings are a thing.

    1. Yup. Without firearms we go back to that lovely old concept of Might makes Right. “Oh, some big guy beat you up? Wow, you must’ve done something wrong.” Screw that noise.

  2. If only Guttenberg understood the rules that the only way to be acceptably anti-cop is to malign the entire BSO force, the FBI, the BLM and the ATF. Anyone else and you’re treading on thin ice, buster.

  3. Are some of these school resource officers selected for the duty because maybe no one else will partner with them? Is the school looked at as a low risk environment where they can skate through until they retire?

    (I don’t think applies to some schools like the Minneapolis High Schools where there are regular riots in the cafeteria between the Somali kids and the African American kids and all female 3 on 1 beatdowns in between. Where there are multiple SROS because they are that needed.)

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