I saw this on Twitter:

Go into the comments and you will see (supposed) conservative after (supposed) conservative decrying Elizabeth Warren for this.

Look, I get it, I hate her too, but can we not let partisanship make us stupid?

Google and Facebook combined amount to 70% of web traffic.

Almost 80% of web referrals are between these two sites.

This chart from Business Insider shows just how much Google and Faceboook control of different parts of the web.

If you run a small business and do not pay for Google and Facebook ads you are really screwing yourself.

I started an LLC to do some light consulting work.  I got solicitations from Google for buying ads.

The way some of these tech companies use web traffic is in every way a monopoly.

Breaking up monopolies is good for the economy.  The cellphone market would not exist today if the goverment had not broken up American Bell and AT&T.

Computer tech boomed after busting the Microsoft monopoly.

The Sherman Anti Trust act is a strong weapon for a free market.

I don’t know exactly what Elizabeth Warren wants to do, and I don’t trust her to do it right, but…

Let’s not get so wrapped up in our hate of Elizabeth Warren that we defend anti-competitive and monopoly business practices.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “When partisanship makes the Right stupid”
  1. I’d love to see the tech monopolies broken, and space opened for the old libertine values of the internet to be reestablished, but Warren just wants to nationalize social media and finish purging us.

    If we can play her base’s enthusiasm for tearing down the rich, but have someone more trustworthy do it, full steam ahead.

    1. Thank you, that is exactly my point.

      I don’t trust Warren to do this, but because Warren suggested it doesn’t mean the right should reflexively defend monopolies that have admitted to using their monopoly power to influence politics.

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