The transit system said Fullard didn’t properly deescalate the situation and was not allowed to bring a gun to work.

The transit system says that the drive is now “off the job”.

The bus driver was doing his job when Omarri Tobias decided that he wanted special treatment. That is, he wanted to get off the bus between stops.

When the driver didn’t comply with his wishes, he pulled a gun.

At this point, it is a self-defense situation.

According to ABC News, Tobias “appeared” to point a gun at the driver. Hmm, I don’t care if you are pointing a gun near me or at me. You have drawn your gun as a threat to me. I’m going to shoot you until you are no longer a threat.

Both people were injured. The driver suffered a wound to the arm. The thug took at least one round to the abdomen.

Unfortunately, the driver will get the full legal treatment, as he continued to shoot as Tobias crawled and ran off the bus.

The Charlotte Area Transit CEO, Interim, says We don’t want anyone possessing weapons on our vehicles. As always, the guy sitting in the office with security at the front door wants you to be disarmed. Hoping that if you give up your dignity, your money, or just comply, the evil thug won’t kill you just for laughs.


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2 thoughts on “When Self Defense is a Crime”
  1. Modern day liability is king. All are afraid of the big L- lawsuit… hence “no weapons “ thinking just like gubmint putting up a sign will keep “weapons” out of places …we got a bill passed here that you can keep firearms in your vehicle on work property. And it’s easier to prosecute the law abiding because we have more to lose.

    1. It’s scummy behavior on the part of the people who do it, and despicable that the courts allow it; but after an event like this, some involved will shotgun lawsuits at the biggest wallets and deepest pockets around looking for a megabuck payout. Since they’re not gonna get that from the street thug who actually did bad things, they also will target the owner/operator of the venue (bus in this case), other (guiltless) involved parties, etc. All they need is the tiniest of a thread of connection, any sort of theory (even if laughably bad) of fault, and a jury who thinks “eh, they can afford it and our guy needs himself a new Cadillac.”
      Some of the “no guns / shillelaghs / trebuchets / etc.” nonsense is, I think, there just to provide some legal cover. As in, “the street thug violated our policies; we said he couldn’t have weapons and he ignored us; so it’s not our fault.”

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