If you did not follow the news on Black Friday, there was another terrorist knife attack in London, on the London Bridge.

I guess the Islamists are not taking advantage of the knife disposal bins.

If you were playing “Progressives enabling Terrorism bingo” you would have won.

From CNBC:

London Bridge attacker had previous conviction for terrorism offenses

The London Bridge attacker who killed two people on Friday has been named as 28-year-old Usman Khan who was known to authorities and had been convicted in 2012 for terrorism offenses.

The BBC reported that Usman Khan was sentenced to “indeterminate detention” in 2012 with a minimum jail term of eight years, adding that it would have allowed him to be kept in prison beyond that minimum term. The prosecution at the time said the plotters, including Khan, had discussed attacking the London Stock Exchange as well as pubs in the English city of Stoke.

In 2013, the U.K.’s Court of Appeal quashed that sentence and replaced it with a 16-year-fixed term with half of it being spent in jail.

From CNN:

This is what we know about London Bridge stabbing suspect Usman Khan

Khan, 28, was identified as the suspect in Friday’s central London attack that left two people dead and three others injured, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said.

He was released from jail in December 2018 on an ankle monitor after he plead guilty to terrorism charges in 2012.

In 2010, Khan and eight others were arrested in London as part of a major counterterrorism operation. Some of the men were accused of terror charges over an “al Qaeda-inspired plot” to bomb the London Stock Exchange, UK police said at the time.

Authorities said Khan’s family land already had a mosque on it and those involved in the plot were looking to infuse the group with cash to “establish and operate a terrorist military training facility,” according to a sentencing document.

Khan and another suspect in the case were accused of planning to train people at the facility with the goal of making them “more serious and effective terrorists,” the documents said.

So, a Pakistani Muslim goes to the UK to raise money to train a terrorist cell, attempts to bomb the London Stock Exchange, is convicted, his sentence is reduced, he is let out of jail early with an ankle monitor, he goes to London Bridge and stabs two people to death and wounds three more.

You would think that when the UK Police arrest a man for trying to bomb the Stock Exchange, they’d throw him in jail forever, or deport him after his sentence is over.  But that sort of conventional thinking is how now Progressives do things, so he was released early and allowed to carry out another successful terrorist attack.

Remember earlier this year when a bunch of activists blocked a gang rapist from being deported out of the UK?  They claimed that deportation was cruel.  I figured that getting stabbed to death by a convicted terrorist is crueler than deporting a convicted terrorist back to his home country, but I’m not a Progressive.

The police eventually shot Khan because he was wearing a fake suicide vest.

But before that, his stabbing spree was cut short by two civilian heroes.

What makes this notable is not just that two UK citizens rushed in to help, but how they armed themselves against a knife-wielding terrorist.


A narwhal tusk.  You read that correctly.

According to The Mirror UK, the tusk-wielding man is a Polish immigrant, which explains a lot.  The Pols, unlike the British, have not taken well to Progressivism and have stood up to Islamic terrorism.  I’m actually kind of surprised that the UK Police even allowed him to import his balls into England, considering they have taken them away from nearly all British men.

The tusk appeared to be an effective weapon.  In melee combat, range is your friend.  If your enemy has a 10-inch knife, a five-foot pike is superior.

Improvise, adapt, and overcome.

This is the second terrorist stabbing on the London Bridge.

When Israel had to deal with terrorist stabbings during the Knife Intifada, they liberalized handgun carry for Israeli citizens and the Knife Intifada ended as quickly as it began.

In Texas, the two terrorists who tried to shoot up the Draw Muhammad competition didn’t make it out of the parking lot.

As long as Londoners won’t defend themselves and lack the ability to, this will happen more and more.


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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “When you live in a disarmed society you must improvise, adapt, and overcome”
  1. Coming to London in the near future, a new law mandating safety locks for your narwhal tusks, and a ban on the possession of “military assault” narwhal tusks over 4-ft long.

  2. From comments to Amy Coop tweet:


    Replying to
    The UK needs a Second Amendment. If 10% of the UK population choose to congealed carry it would act as a deterrent to terrorists, muggers, rapists, burglars etc, – who could be stopped dead. Even brandishing a weapon would prevent crime.

    171 like

    If only there was somewhere this had been tested so we could see what kind of effect large numbers of gun owners would have on the number of mass killings.



    Compare the number of likes.
    Brits would rather be knifed and defended by Poles with Narwhal tusks than conceal carry horrid scary handguns.
    And the circus will continue in perpetuity.

    God bless their hearts.

    1. The elected a mayor with the same last name as a repeated terrorist, who has put more effort into going after Brits with garden trowels and potato peelers than terrorists and terrorist sympathizers.

      1. Sadly, Brits have been willingly brainwashed for generations: remember how after WW2 they destroyed the arms lended/donated to them by American civilians to protect their little island against Hitler? Whatever the name of their elected politician, it can always be prefaced with gun-(knife-fork-spoon) – grabber.

  3. I bet the tusk will be confiscated, destroyed, and the Pole taken to court and sentenced to 5 years in prison for assaulting the terrorist. If the terrorists had t managed to kill anyone the pole would have to serve a longer sentence due to the terrorist pressing charges.

  4. Don’t forget the bobbie who shot the muslim terrorist laying there in his fake suicide vest. That copper will be dealt with as well, quietly.

  5. There was also an attack in the Netherlands a couple of hours later… And good on the Pole with the tusk!!! Hope HE doesn’t get arrested!

  6. Thumbs up.
    A cogent and relevant observation .

    The UK appears to be on a self-imposed societal suicide watch.

    Hooray for the Poles.

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