When you live in a Gun Free Zone country. (Update)

This just happened in one of the barrios in Caracas that was protesting last night. Police sent is FAES teams (sort of SWAT mixed with shock troops) through the barrios to impose order and shoot whomever needs shooting.

And I also saw this photo posted:

My thought was: “Just park one car across the street and what a beautiful ambush site you get. Start from the back and walk your way forward.”

And then I remembered that only the criminals have guns and they are not going to do shit they don’t get a profit from.  Going bullet to bullet against trained cops is not profitable. Besides, cop keep the regular civilians in check so it is an advantage for the criminals.  By tomorrow or day after, the cops will be gone and things are back to normal, so why not take a couple of days off, doing the honeys and getting high?

And that is living in a Gun Free Zone Country for you.  Don’t forget they voted in favor of being disarmed.

UPDATE: Come on! A couple of Molotov cocktails tossed from above and that APC is done!

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