9 Replies to “When you Road Rage…”

    1. Ah, Pasco, the home county…

      You have to flip a coin to figure out if it was the car or the bike what started it around here.

      1. That joke that Larry the Cable Guy says about
        “Hey, wanna watch COPS?”
        They grab beers and sit in front of the mobile home.

        That is Pasco County as a whole.

  1. We did the math for a couple bikers a couple of times.

    Things like if you come to a complete stop on your bike in front of my car; how fast will you now be going when I hit you? And should I have my car fixed before I visit you in the hospital?

    1. Depends, elastic or non-elastic collision? If elastic and the mass difference is significant [>~10x], the lighter mass daparts the collision at approx double the velocity of the larger.

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