Reader Weetabix asked a most proper question:

Does Youtube just equip all cars in Russia with cameras so they don’t run out of these videos?

My response:

You’d think so. Russia had a gigantic rash of insurance scams in the mid 2000s IRRC. You can actually still find videos of people throwing themselves at cars stopped at lights and to say they got run over and collect big fat settlements. Russians started to install cameras as precaution and thus began the era of the Russian Vehicular Spectaculars.

And here are a couple of compilations.

And they are still at it.

I am thinking very seriously about installing a camera myself. It solves the “He said/ He said” arguments for the insurance.

PS: If you like the accidents’ video, you may want to subscribe to the channel. He posts a new video almost every single day. Stupid accidents is the daily feed while Spectacular is the compilation of the worst.

Note: Don’t go to a hospital in an ambulance in Russia.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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13 thoughts on “Where do the Russian Accident videos come from?”
  1. And it is not just in Russia. Friends I have on several countries have told me they installed both front & back cameras in their cars because of fraud/scams and insurance companies behaving like dbags.

    With the way tourists and yankee transplants drive on the interstates around here lately, I’m seriously considering installing cameras so I have proof of fault for the insurance companies, if/when some idjit plows into my car.

  2. Car cameras are entirely worth it. Some of the newer cars even come with power ports on the mirror or dash meant for them.

    Just have to remember it is always watching and listening and more than what you want to show may come up in discovery.

    Buncha examples of people being saved from expensive lawsuits, cops planting drugs or claiming your seatbelt was unbuckled, or whatever else. Times being what they are now a days Play in traffic Patty doing protests too.

    1. In some cars, the driver assist cameras can serve this purpose as well, if enabled. Tesla is an example, no surprise there.

  3. My son told me as much about Russian insurance fraud. I did explore getting a front camera for my Highlander, but it was looking too pricey.

    1. Check the Rexing in Amazon. Some are quite affordable. I also follow some US youtube channels and they mention that the camera performs a miracle with insurance companies when the accident is not your fault: The other company pays the deductible. That right there pays the camera of at least a couple of times:

  4. I consider a dash cam to be a required piece of equipment, like lights, seat belts, etc. You can get a decent one for 60 bucks. Why not have one?

  5. Some cameras you can shut off the mic. Get 2 yall, bite the bullet n do it. Now a days ya gotta cya way more than you think. I still need to get 2 for the company van I drive. Ive had 2 idjits call and complain about me “almost causing an accident” and both times THEY were the ones driving like morons.

  6. We got one in 2010 after someone made a u-turn in front of us on a two lane road from the right shoulder.

    Ended up in a ditch with minimal damage, but the deputy sheriff said that there was nothing he could do because he didn’t witness it happen.

    Had a couple over the years, but if you are in a anyplace that gets very hot/a lot of sun make sure you get one that has a supercapacitor instead of a lipo battery.

    The latest one is an AUKEY DR02 and I splurged and picked up VIOFO CPL(circular polarizing lens) filter for the a119 style camera. Fits perfectly.

    Also, you’ll want to get a reliable SD card that can handle the constant writing by a dash cam like the Samsung PRO Endurance, currently the lowest capacity (32gb) is only $10.

    I’ve used the cheap ones, but they just don’t last longer than a few months without errors and missed recordings.

  7. Something that occurred to me is that this also looks like a setup for a carjacking.

    I have a front/rear camera that I need to install… soon.

  8. Driving in Miami for two years made me start looking into them for similar reasons as the Russians.

    – The Sally Soccer Mom in her 4,700 pound Lexus (or BMW) trying to do her makeup with one hand, do a snaptweet story with the other, and everything else but control that 85mph cruise missile she’s supposed to be piloting
    – The landscaping crew in a 2000 F-250 that is 17 different colors, doesn’t have a straight body panel on it, is pulling a trailer that looks like it was pulled out of the water after Andrew and has been in use ever since, and both vehicles are about 3,000 pounds overweight.
    – The transplanted islander or South American in a clapped out Nissan that they’re piloting like they’re back home where traffic laws aren’t even suggestions (while having the cruise set at Warp 3)
    – The big shot in his Lexus (or BMW, but south Florida made me **hhaaaate** Lexus drivers) who is taking a conference call, eating breakfast, and sending an email, and (again) anything but piloting his land based cruise missile while driving down the Turnpike at 90.
    – The trust fund boy racer with his new M3 or crotch rocket that is cutting through traffic like it’s the last lap of the big race.

    It’s a wonder I made it out of that place in one piece.

    A dash cam should have been mandatory or issued with my lease for the house when I got down there. I’ve been looking at a Blackvue system but they’re spendy.

      1. Any car with New England plates brought out my inner Capt. Mancuso, “ Mr. Thompson! Open the outer doors, firing point procedures. Now if that bastard so much as twitches, I’m going to blow him straight to Mars.”

  9. I have cameras in each car. I’m thinking of upgrading to the ones that pair with your phone.

    Too many times I’ve had to pay 1/2 because no witness stepped up.

    Something happens in front of me, I’ll stop and offer the video.

    The other thing I have is a camera system in my house.

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