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I’ve told this story before.

Years ago when I was still living in Miami, I saw some college punk walking around South Miami in a Che shirt thinking he was hot shit.

A little old Cuban lady walked up to him screaming “Che mato mis hermanos, Che mato mis hermanos” (“Che killed my brothers, che killed my brothers.”)

Then proceeded to beat him in the head with an aluminum hospital cane.

Nobody rushed to help the punk, because if you are in Miami getting beaten by a refugee from Cuba for wearing a Che shirt, you fucking deserve that shit.

Wear a Che shirt down Calle Ocho in Little Havana, and if you are lucky, it will only be a cane you are hit with, more likely it will be a machete.

I grew up listening to the horrors of the Cuban revolution and what Che, Castro, and their goon squads did to the people there, first-hand from the grandparents of my friends who witnessed it.  That has imbued with a visceral hatred of communism as strong as my visceral hatred of Nazism from all the holocaust survivors who came to speak to us at Synagogue Sunday school.

Any piece of shit who believes that Cuban refugees, and their children and grandchildren who were raised on the stories of what happened in the old country are confused and don’t realize that Trump is just like Castro would be laughable if it wasn’t maliciously insane.

This is the sort of horseshit that can only come out of the mind of some liberal arts educated dufus that has spent his entire adult life inside the tiny, airtight Leftist bubble of the New York/DC Lefty establishment.

He needs to go down to Calle Ocho in Miami and try to convince the old Cubans there that are really supporting a dictator when they support Trump and that they should support Biden and the Democratic Socialists like AOC that are behind him.

If he is very lucky, he’ll only get beat with a cane.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Where is an old Cuban lady with a cane when you need one”
  1. Your stories of old Cubans always reminds me of the old Pollacks I used to work with who grew up under Soviet rule. They were more American nationalist than actual Americans and almost violently opposed to anything remotely socialist.
    Guess it takes living the nightmare to truly understand the horrors it involves. Sad that the lesson has to be relearned the hard way so often.

    1. The Polish are definitely not to be fucked with. Nazi occupation followed up by living under the thumb of the USSR has left most Poles having some deeply help beliefs about Socialism, Fascism, and Communism. The ones I’ve known are some damn good people . . . and heavily armed to boot.

  2. Gee, why would anyone think that the party that has had Sen. Bernie Sanders as their second-place presidential primary challenger two election cycles in a row might be trending socialist?

  3. When I was living down in Miami, our family spent a lot of time with a couple of the wife’s close friends. I spent a lot of time with the husband and this came up. According to legend, at some of the Cuban festivals there would be a few U of M shitheads thought it would be funny to poke the lions and walk around wearing Che shirts. It did not go well for them, as the Abuelas, Abuelos, and the surviving Brigada 2506 guys had opinions most firm and had a wall to wall counseling session or three with the lads that MPD/CGPD would look the other way from.

    Oh, and dude’s father came to the US via Operation Peter Pan (or Pedro Pan if you’re so inclined) and he came here and made a damn good life for his family in spite of all that. If someone doesn’t have a seething, firey hatred for communism after hearing those stories first hand . . . might I suggest they do society a favor and take a short walk out of a hovering helicopter.

    IMO, from my experience in Miami, a lot of first and second generation Cuban Americans make better Americans than most of the idiots I went to high school with.

  4. Opinion here, but I think there is an important point you are glossing over.

    “It’s so ironic the people who may plunge America into a dictatorship…

    … They may bring us what their families escaped.”

    What exactly has Trump done over the last four years that indicate he is going to become a dictator? Examples please. Anything….

    Another observation.
    This idiot assumes the Hispanics that have lived under a dictatorship are too stupid to recognize one when they see it. Because he thinks Trump is a dictator, that means everyone else thinks it is obvious.

    1. You have to understand that what the left means is *THEY* will have to impose a dictatorship on the US *UNLESS* they get their way at the ballot box.

  5. It’s the opposite that may actually be the result. Cuban Americans may very well react violently to a hard left turn from a Harris government…This is now their home and there is probably nowhere else for them to go….Put people against a wall twice, and you may not like the outcome, especially if they have weapons this time.

  6. Talk to my mother, grandmother, aunts, etc… They’ll explain what Castro promised and the delta from what he delivered to the people once in power.

    My grandparents were fortunate enough to escape on the night Batista was overthrown. Grandmother finally told me some of the story in 1995 while on leave from the US Army. Would be an interesting book the little they talked about. Would have loved to have heard the whole story. They did not speak of it. Us kids knew something bad happened. That Castro was horrible and did horrible things but no one discussed what the grandparents experienced while our parents were in the States going to college.

    They know who is who and what is what in this shitshow regardless of what the radicals and talking heads prattle on about.

    Before, I do not think some of them believed that it couldn’t happen here in the US until the Democrats let the mask slip a little too much. Most all of my family was and is Conservative due to those experiences. Always heard about the Democrat Cubans but never met one in real life.

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