A buddy of mine sent me this from CNN:

The Navy is building a ship named after Harvey Milk, six decades after he was pushed out of the military because of his sexual orientation

Before Harvey Milk became a pioneering LGBT politician, he served in the Navy — and things were different.

During his time as a diving instructor in San Diego, California in the 1950s, his supervisors caught him at a park popular with gay men, according to his nephew Stuart Milk.  And in 1955, after the Navy officially questioned him about his sexual orientation, he was made to resign with the rank of lieutenant junior grade.

More than 60 years later, the Navy began construction Friday on the USNS Harvey Milk, a new oiler ship that will resupply fuel to other ships at sea.

More specifically, the USNS Harvey Milk will be a John Lewis class of underway replenishment oilers.  It is a resupply ship named after Civil Rights leader and Congressman John Lewis.

That in of itself if disgustingly ironic.  Naming an already obsolete* class of oiler after the obsolete and greasy Congressman, known in modern times for his sleaze and graft.

*The John Lewis class of oiler is slower and carries less fuel and materiel than the current AOE class of fast combat support ships.

It is at this moment that the words of Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight are more pertinent than ever.

Harvey Milk was assassinated in 1978.

Good for him that he was because today it would have come out that he preyed upon teenage boys in youth shelters.

Milk was a gay civil rights hero by day.  By night, he was part of the seedy bath-house gay culture of San Francisco of the 1970s.  He had an appetite for gay teens who ran away or were thrown out by their parents.  The gay youth charities that he supported were also his hunting grounds.

But this ugly side of the gay civil rights movement not talked about because he was ballistically beatified by a fellow San Francisco supervisor over a job dispute, not anti-gay bigotry the way many on the activist Left try to revise history.

So instead of living long enough to be outed for the sexual predator that he was, taking advantage of homeless gay youth, a ship is being named after him.

I just want to know how navy personnel will take to this.  I can’t imagine many sailors wanting to claim they were “seamen on the Harvey Milk.”  And God forbid she is ever sunk in combat.  Woe be unto person eulogizing:

“Today we remember all the men who went down on the Harvey Milk.”


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Where is cancel culture when we need it most”
  1. And here I thought that Matthew Bracken was spinning a strange drug dream when he mentioned the launch of the USNS Harvey Milk in one of his novels.

  2. The Navy has found a way to make sure their ships are supported by Congress, name them after someone supported by a faction of Congress. That is why multi billion dollar aircraft carriers are named after presidents, not great ships like Enterprise, Wasp, Lexington, and Saratoga.

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